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Attention!!! Это не «фирма». Лицензия (российская и украинская) и всяко-разно, и всё Б/У.
Ценовая политика: 50-40 грн – лицензионные CD за один диск; 30 грн – всякое «пиратство» за один диск;
20 грн – CDR (все заводского производства) за один диск.
Везде проставлен оригинальный год выхода альбома !!! (a не CD).
P.S. ‘grn’ – это гривны, а не «грины».

AC/DC-74 Jailbreak-CD-1984- 40 grn

AC/DC- Live- Special Collector's Edition-2CD-1992- 80 grn (CDMAXIMUM)

AC/DC- Live- Special Collector's Edition-2CD-1992- 80 grn (DIGIPAK копия с японца)

AC/DC- Live At Donington-DVD-1992- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)

AC/DC- Stiff Upper Lip-CD-2000- 30 grn

AC/DC- Family Jewels-2DVD-2005- 100 grn (DIGIPAK)

AC/DC- Highway To Hell-DVD-2007- 50 grn

AC/DC- Highway To Hell-DVD-2007- 50 grn (2 Concerts On 1 DVD)

AC/DC- Plug Me In: Collector's Edition-2DVD-2007- 100 grn (DIGIPAK)

AC/DC- No Bull: The Directors Cut-DVD-2008- 50 grn (DIGIPAK)

AC/DC- Backtracks-2CD&DVD Box Set-2009- 500 grn (DIGIBOOK)

AC/DC- Live At River Plate-DVD-2011- 50 grn (DIGIPAK)

Adriano Celentano- Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck-CD-1966- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- Adriano Rock- CD-1968- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- Le Robe Che Ha Detto Adriano- CD-1969- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- Er Piu': Storia D'Amore E Di Coltello- CD-1971- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano-Nostalrock-CDR-1973- 20 grn

Adriano Celentano- Yuppi Du- CD-1975- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- I Mei Americani: Tre Puntini 2- CD-1986- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- Ciao Amore-CDR-1990- 20 grn

Adriano Celentano- Le Volte Che Celentano E' Stato 1-CD-2003- 50 grn

Adriano Celentano- Unica Mente Celentano-2CD-2007- 100 grn

Aerosmith- Rockin' The Joint: Live At The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas-CD-2005- 40 grn

Airrace (Featuring Jason Bonham)- Shaft Of Light-CDR-1984- 20 grn

The Alan Freed Rock'n'Roll Big Band- A Stompin' Good Time-CDR-2008- 20 grn

Alcatrazz- No Parole From Rock'N'Roll-CD-1983- 30 grn

Alcatrazz- Metallic Live '84-DVD-1984- 50 grn
(Recorded In Tokyo, January 28th, 1984. Digipak).

Alcatrazz- Live In Japan: November 10th, 1984-DVD-2003- 50 grn (DIGIPAK)

Alice Cooper- The Nightmare Returns-DVD-2006- 50 grn

O.S.T.-Alfie: Music From The Motion Picture-CD-2004- 30 grn
(Original Songs Performed Mick Jagger And Dave Stewart).

The Allman Brothers Band- Stand Back: The Anthology-2CD&DVD-2006- 100 grn
(Digipak. CD1&CD2- Stand Back: The Anthology; DVD- Brothers On The Road (Two Live Concerts)).

The Allman Brothers Band-GOLD-2CD-2006- 80 grn
(The Definitive Collection Of The Best Songs Of The Allman Brothers Band).

American Blues- Is Here!-CDR-1968- 20 grn
(Dusty Hill & Frank Beard Pre-ZZ Top).

Andrew Lloyd Webber And Tim Rice- Jesus Christ Superstar: A Rock Opera-2CD-1970- 100 grn
(Ian Gillan, Murray Head, Yvonne Elliman, Paul Raven, Victor Brox, Brian Keith, John Gustafson, Barry Dennen, Annette Brox, Paul Davis, Mike d'Abo).

The Animals- Animalism-CDR-1966- 20 grn

The Animals- The Last Live Show-2CD-2008- 60 grn
(Live In Detroit 1984).

Asterix- Asterix: Everybody-Jump Into My Action-CDR-1970- 20 grn
(Featuring John Lawton).

Bachman-Turner Overdrive- Live-CD-1994- 40 grn

Bachman-Turner Overdrive- Trial By Fire: Latest & Greatest-CD-1996- 40 grn

Bad Company- Best Ballads: Featuring Paul Rodgers-CD-1999- 30 grn

Bad Company- In Concert: Merchants Of Cool-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn
(Recorded Live At The Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO, And The Groove Of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA In January Of 2002. Digipak).

Band Du Lac- One Night Only Live-DVD-2006- 50 grn
(Featuring Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Roger Taylor, Gary Brooker, Paul Carack, Mike Rutherford…).

Baker Gurvitz Army-Live-CDR-1975- 20 grn

B.B.King- Blues Summit Concert-DVD-1995- 50 grn
(Live At B.B. King's Blues Club Beale Street, Memphis 1993).

B.B.King- Live By Request-DVD-2003- 50 grn
(With Special Guest Jeff Beck).

The Beatles-A Taste Of Honey/Вкус Мёда-CD-1986-EMI/Мелодия- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Оригинальная пластинка была выпущена в СССР фирмой МЕЛОДИЯ).

The Beatles-A Hard Day's Night/Вечер Трудного Дня-CD-1986-EMI/Мелодия- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Оригинальная пластинка была выпущена в СССР фирмой МЕЛОДИЯ).

The Beatles-A Hard Day's Night:Original Motion Picture Sound Track-CD-1964- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Stereo Version And Mono Version. 24 Tracks).

The Beatles-Casualties-CD-1980- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Casualties Collect Together Impossible To Find In The US Rare Singles And Was First Released On Vinyl In October, 1980).

The Beatles-From Then To You-CD-1970- 80 grn
(The Beatles Fun Club Christmas Record 1970).

The Beatles-The Esher Demos-CD-2008- 80 grn
(The Beatles Gathered At George's House "Kinfauns" In Esher, Surrey Around Third Week Of May 1968 To Record Demos
For The Forthcoming "White Album" On George's Four Track Equioment. Booklet).

The Beatles-The DECCA Audition-CD-2009- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Now, For The First Time Since 1962, The Beatles' Decca Tracks Arc Available Again On The Album Plus A Special Bonus).

The Beatles-Swedish Radio Show-CD-1963- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Recorded Live At Karlplans Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, On 24th October 1963).

The Beatles-Unreleased Versions Of The Beatles' Songs:Days Before The Hard Night-CDR-2008- 20 grn
(This CD Contains Songs Written By Lennon-McCartney In Versions Which Was Never Released).

The Beatles-Reeperbahn-CDR-2008- 20 grn
(Recorded Live In Germany).

The Beatles-The Beatles In Paris/Les Beatles A Paris-CD-1965- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Interview With The Beatles And Performances In Paris, France On 14th January 1964, 20th January 1964
And 20th June 1965).

The Beatles-The Black Album-2CD-2012- 150 grn (копия с японца)
(2nd January 1969. Twickenham Film Studios. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Yoko Ono, Linda Eastman, Glyn Johns & Malcolm Evans. Booklet And Two-Sides Photo Mini-Poster).

The Beatles-Never Mind The Tremeloes ... Here's The Beatles-CD-2013- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(The Sensational Debut Album By Merseyside's Number One Beat Combo!).

The Beatles-Kum Back-CD-2013- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Kum Back Is The First Bootleg Album By The Beatles, Released In September 1969. All Tracks On Kum Back Were Recorded During The Get Back/Let It Be Sessions Of January 1969, And All Were Recorded In The Basement Studio Of 3 Savile Row, London, England).

The Beatles-Artifacts:Alone Together 1968 (The Definitive Collection Of Beatles Rarities 1960-1969)-CD-2013- 80 grn (копия с японца)
The Beatles-Artifacts:The Longest Road 1969 (The Definitive Collection Of Beatles Rarities 1960-1969)-CD-2013- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Лоты The Beatles-Artifacts продаются вместе 160 гривен).

The Beatles-In Concert Addendum 1 (1957-1964)-2CD-2012- 150 grn (копия с японца)
The Beatles-In Concert Addendum 2 (1965-1966)-2CD-2012- 150 grn (копия с японца)
(Лоты The Beatles-In Concert Addendum 1&2 продаются вместе 300 гривен).

The Beatles-Kinfauns:The Acoustic White Album-CD-2010- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(KINFAUNS Was George's Comfortable Little One-Story House In Esher, Outside Of London. It Was There That The Beatles Fathered Sometime During May 20-29 Of 1968, Using George's Four-Track Ampex Reel-to-Reel To Tape Acoustic Group Demos Of The Many Songs They'd Written While At The Maharishi's Ashram In Rishikesh, India).

The Beatles-Last Licks Live-CD-2009- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(The Complete Rooftop Concert Recorded At 3 Saville Row, London W1 On 30th January 1969. 8 Pages Booklet).

The Beatles-Get Back:The Glyn Johns Final Compilation-CD-1970- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(The Unreleased Album Culled From The Very Tense, Uncomfortable Sessions In January, 1969 Was Assembled In The Spring 1969, But Was Ultimately Shelved In Favor Of The Overblown Phil Spector- Produced Version Issued As Let It Be In May, 1970).

The Beatles-Rare Beatles 'John Lennon-60' Anniversary Edition-CD-2012- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(26 Tracks. Tracks 1, 3-16 Taken From The DECCA Session, 1.1.1962. Tracks 17-26 Taken From The Unreleased Sessions Album. Mini-Poster).

The Beatles-Live At Shea Stadium 1965-CD&DVD-2005- 150 grn
(CD:Recorded Live At Candles At San Francisco's Candlestick Park On 29th August 1966;DVD:Filmed And Recorded Live At Shea Stadium, New York On 15th August 1965).

The Beatles-Live In Japan 1966-CD&DVD-2005- 150 grn
(Recorded And Filmed Live In Japan On 30th June 1966 (The Opening Show) And 1st July 1966 (First Show)).

THE BEATLES- THE COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS-10 CD Set-2010- 1666,00 grn (копия с японца)
(CD1-The Complete BBC Sessions: Dream Baby;
CD2-The Complete BBC Sessions: Youngblood;
CD3-The Complete BBC Sessions: Carol;
CD4-The Complete BBC Sessions: I Got A Woman;
CD5-The Complete BBC Sessions: Glad All Over;
CD6-The Complete BBC Sessions: Lucille;
CD7-The Complete BBC Sessions: Shazam;
CD8-The Complete BBC Sessions: Sure To Fall;
CD9-The Complete BBC Sessions: Boys!;
CD10-The Complete BBC Sessions:I Feel Fine).

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings-In Concert-DVD-2002- 50 grn

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings-Let The Good Times Roll- DVD-2004- 50 grn

Bill Wyman-A Stone Alone: The Solo Anthology 1974-2002-2CD-2007- 60 grn

Blackmore's Night- Castles & Dreams-2DVD-2003- 100 grn

Bob Dylan- Unplugged-DVD-1995- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Bob Dylan- The Broadcast Archives: Classic Performances-DVD-2005- 50 grn

Bon Scott- The Early Years 1967-72-CDR-1988- 20 grn

Bonzo Dog Band- The Bestiality Of Bonzo Dog Band-CDR-1990- 20 grn

Brian Howe-Touch-CD-2003- 40 grn
(Voice Of Bad Company On Albums Between 1986 -1992)

Bruce Springsteen- The Complete Video Anthology 1978-2000 -2DVD-2000- 100 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Buddy Miles-Changes-DVD-2006- 50 grn

Carl Perkins And Friends- Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Sessions-DVD-1986- 50 grn
(Featuring Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Eric Clapton...)

The Carl Verheyen Band- Live In L.A.-CD-2005- 50 grn

The Carl Verheyen Band- Live In L.A.-DVD-2007- 50 grn

Cher- Believe-CD-1998- 30 grn

Chicken Shack- O.K.Ken?-CDR-1968- 20 grn

Chicken Shack-100 Ton Chicken-CDR-1969- 20 grn

Chris Jagger's Atcha!- Act Of Faith-CD-2006- 30 grn
(Mick Jagger's Brother. Featuring Mick Jagger).

Chris Rea- The Road To Hell & Back: Farewell Concert-DVD-2006- 50 grn

Cinderella- Rocked, Wired & Bluesed: The Greatest Video Hits-DVD-2005- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Cinderella- In Concert: The Heartbreak Station Tour- DVD-2005- 50 grn

Cream- Disraeli Gears (Special Edition)-2CD&DVD-1967- 100 grn (Digipak)

Cream- The Very Best Of Cream- CD-1995- 40 grn

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Live In Europe-CD-1973- 40 grn

Creedence Clearwater Revival- The Royal Albert Hall Concert-CD-1980- 40 grn

Creedence Clearwater Revisited- Recollection-2CD-1998- 60 grn

Creedence Clearwater Revival- The Early Years- CD- 2001- 80 grn (копия с японца) (Original Recordings By John Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Doug Clifford And Stu Cook Made In 60s Under The Names The Blue Velvets And The Golliwogs Plus Archive Interview And Promotional Spot).

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Keep On Chooglin’- CD- 2010- 80 grn (копия с японца)
(Recorded Live At Fillmore West Closing Night, San Francisco, CA, USA On 4th July 1971)

David Byron / Ken Hensley- Baby Faced Killer / Eager To Please-CD-1978/1975- 40 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

David Gilmour- Live In Gdansk-2CD&2DVD-2008- 150 grn (Digipak)

David Hidalgo/ Mato Nanji/ Luther Dickinson- 3 Skulls And The Truth-CD-2012- 40 grn

David Knopfler- Small Mercies-CD-1994-40 grn

David Knopfler- Ship Of Dreams- CD-2004- 30 grn

David Knopfler- Songs For The Siren- CD-2006- 30 grn

David Sanborn- Here & Gone-CD-2008- 40 grn
(Featuring Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Joss Stone, Sam Moore).

Deep Purple- Machine Head: 25th Anniversary Edition-2CD-1972/1997- 60 grn

Deep Purple- Made In Japan- 25* Aniversario Edicion-2CD-1972- 60 grn
(The Official Spanish Edition 1998).

Deep Purple- Who Do We Think We Are-CD-1973- 30 grn

Deep Purple- Burn-CD-1974- 30 grn

Deep Purple- Made In Europe-CD-1976- 30 grn

Deep Purple- Last Concert In Japan-CD-1977- 30 grn

Deep Purple- Live In London-CD-1982- 40 grn

Deep Purple- Scandinavian Nights-2CD-1988- 80 grn

Deep Purple- In The Absence Of Pink: Knebworth 85-2CD-1991- 80 grn

Deep Purple- Knocking At Your Back Door: The Best Of Deep Purple In The 80's-CD-1991- 40 grn

Deep Purple- Live In Japan-3CD-1993- 120 grn
(B двух коробках).

Deep Purple- On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat-2CD-1995- 80 grn

Deep Purple- Live In Europe, 1975: MK III The Final Concerts-2CD-1996- 60 grn

Deep Purple- Live At Long Beach 76-2CD-1996- 60 grn

Deep Purple- Days May Come And Days May Go-CD-2000- 40 grn
(The California Rehearsals- June 1975).

Deep Purple- In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra-2CD-2000- 80 grn

Deep Purple- Live In Paris 1975-2CD-2001- 60 grn

Deep Purple- Come Hell Or High Water-DVD-2001- 60 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Deep Purple- Machine Head-DVD-2002- 60 grn
(…The Definitive Authorized Story Of The Album Featuring Cuts From Pictures Of Home, Highway Star, Never Before, When A Blind Man Cries, …).

Deep Purple- Live Encounters …………-DVD-2004- 60 grn

Deep Purple- Rapture Of The Deep / Perihelion-2CD&DVD-2008- 110 grn (Digipak)

DIO- We Rock-DVD-2005- 50 grn

Dire Straits- Dire Straits-CD-1978- 30 grn

Dire Straits- Communique- CD-1979- 30 grn

Dire Straits- Alchemy: Live-2CD-1984- 80 grn

Dire Straits- On The Night-CD-1993- 40 grn
(Recorded Live In May 1992).

The Doors- L.A.Woman / L.A.Woman LIVE-CD&DVD-1971/2004- 80 grn
(CD: Original Album- L.A.Woman; DVD: The Doors Of The 21st Century- L.A.Woman LIVE. Digipak).

The Doors- Essential Rarities-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn (Digipak)

Dr John And The Lower 911- City That Care Forgot-CD-2008- 30 grn
(Featuring Eric Clapton).

Duane Allman- An Anthology-2CD-1972- 60 grn

Eagles- Live At BBC Theatre 05/04/1973-DVD-1973- 40 grn

Emerson Lake & Palmer- Beyond The Beginning-2DVD-2005- 100 grn
(Super Jewel Box. DVD1: Collection 1970-1997; DVD2: California Jam Festival.
Extras: Unseen Rehearsal Film From 1973, Promo Videos).

Enya-Solas-CD-2000- 30 grn

Episode Six- Love, Hate, Revenge-2CDR-2005- 40 grn
(Ian Gillan & Roger Glover Before Deep Purple Era).

Eric Burdon & The Animals- The Twain Shall Meet-CD-1968- 30 grn

Eric Burdon And The Animals- Athens Traffic Live-CD-2005- 40 grn

Eric Burdon- Mirage-CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- No More War- CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- Live In Hollywood- CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- Live In New Orleans- CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- Ultimate Rarities Vol.1- CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- Ultimate Rarities Vol.2- CD-2008- 100 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
Eric Burdon- Ultimate Comeback: Original Soundtrack Extended Vers.- 2CD-2008- 200 grn (Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series)
(P.S. Spirits Of "Eric Burdon" Series 7 альбомов продаются вместе- 800 гривен).

Eric Burdon & The Animals-Best Of-CD-2009- 30 grn

Eric Clapton-24 Nights-2CD&DVD-1991- 100 grn (Digipak)

Eric Clapton- The Cream Of Clapton-CD-1994- 40 grn

Eric Clapton & Friends - In Concert: A Benefit For The Crossroads Centre At Antigua-DVD-1999- 40 grn
(With Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan, Mary J.Blige, David Sanborn).

Eric Clapton- Sessions For Robert J-CD&DVD-2004- 80 grn

Eric Clapton & Friends (Live 1984)- The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert-2CD-2008- 60 grn
(From London Featuring Jimmy Page, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck).

Eric Clapton & Friends (Live 1984)- The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert-DVD-2008- 50 grn
(From London Featuring Jimmy Page, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck).

Everlast- White Trash Beautiful-CD-2004- 40 grn

Everlast- Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford-CD-2008- 30 grn

Fleetwood Mac - The Vaudeville Years Of Fleetwood Mac 1968 To 1970- 2CD&DVD-1998- 100 grn
(Featuring Peter Green).

Foghat-Live II-2CD-2007- 60 grn

G3- Live In Tokyo-2CD-2005- 80 grn
(Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci).

Gary Moore- Rockin' Every Night: Live In Japan-CD-1983- 30 grn

Gary Moore- We Want Moore! Recorded Live In Concert-CD-1984- 40 grn

Gary Moore- Out In The Fields-The Very Best Of Gary Moore- CD-1998- 40 grn

Gary Moore- A Different Beat- CD-1999- 30 grn

Gary Moore- The Best Of The Blues-2CD-2002- 80 grn

Gary Moore- Live Blues / Ballads & Blues-DVD-2002- 40 grn
(Live Blues: Live Performance Featuring B.B. King; Ballads & Blues: Video Collection 1982-1994).

Gary Moore- Parisienne Walkways: The Blues Collection-CD-2003- 40 grn

Gary Moore- Back On The Streets: The Rock Collection- CD-2003- 40 grn

Gary Moore- Live At Monsters Of Rock-CD-2003- 30 grn
(Recorded Live At Sheffield Hallam Arena May 21st 2003 On The Monsters Of Tour With Cass Lewis And Darrin Mooney).

Gary Moore- Live At Monsters Of Rock-DVD-2003- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)
(Filmed Live At Sheffield Hallam Arena May 21st 2003 On The Monsters Of Tour With Cass Lewis And Darrin Mooney).

Gary Moore & Friends- One Night In Dublin: A Tribute To Phil Lynott -DVD-2006- 40 grn

Gary Moore- The Platinum Collection-3CD-2006- 90 grn

Gary Moore- Close As You Get-CD-2007- 40 grn

Gary Moore- Bad For You Baby-CD-2008- 30 grn

Genesis-…Calling All Stations…-CD-1997- 30 grn

George Harrison- Concert For Bangla Desh-2CD-1971- 60 grn

George Harrison- The Concert For Bangla Desh-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn

George Harrison- Awaiting On You All: Unreleased Studio Material-CD-2009- 50 grn
(The "All Things Must Pass"- Sessions Took Place Between May And October 1970 At Abbey Road Studios In London).

George Harrison- Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison-CD-2009- 30 grn

George Harrison- Through All Those Years: Rare & Unreleased-CD-2010- 40 grn

George Harrison- Beware Of ABKCO!-CD-2010- 50 grn

George Michael- Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of George Michael-2CD-2000- 60 grn

Gillan- Mr. Universe-CD-1979- 30 grn

Gillan- The Gillan Tapes Volume 1-CD-1997- 40 grn

Gillan- Live At The BBC- 79 / 80-2CD-1999- 80 grn

Gillan- The Gillan Tapes Volume 2-CD-1999- 40 grn

Gillan- The Gillan Tapes Volume 3-2CD-2000- 80 grn

Glenn Hughes- Live In Wolverhampton-2CD-2012- 80 grn

Gov't Mule- The Deep End, Volume 2-CD-2002- 40 grn

Gov't Mule- The Deep End, Volume 3-CD-2002- 40 grn

Gov't Mule- The Best Of The Capricorn Years (& Rarities)-2CD-2006- 60 grn

Gov't Mule- The Best Of The Capricorn Years (& Rarities)-2CD-2006- 60 grn

Gov't Mule- Live Experience: Mule On Easy Street 10.19.06 / Chicago 10.22.04-2CD-2007- 60 grn
(CD1: Recorded Live At Easy Street Records On 19th October 2006; CD2: Recorded Live in Chicago On 22nd October 2004).

Gov't Mule- Holy Haunted House-2CD-2008- 60 grn
(CD1: Halloween 2007; CD2: The Holy Haunted House Set With Audley Freed On Guitar. CD1 & CD2 Recorded Live At O'Shaughnessy Theatre, St. Paul, MN On 31st October 2007).

Gov't Mule- Mulennium-3CD-2010- 90 grn

Graham Bonnet- Graham Bonnet-CD-1977- 30 grn

Graham Bonnet- Line-Up-CD-1981- 30 grn

Graham Bonnet- The Day I Went Mad…-CD-1999- 50 grn

Grand Funk Railroad- Good Singin' Good Playin'-CD-1976- 30 grn

Grand Funk Railroad- Live Album / The Story Of Grand Funk Railroad-CD&DVD-2005- 60 grn (Digipak)

The Groundhogs- Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs-CD-1972- 40 grn

The Groundhogs- Hogs In Wolf's Clothing-CD-1998- 40 grn

Guano Apes- The Best-CD-2000- 30 grn

Guano Apes- Don't Give Me Names- CD-2000- 30 grn

Guns N' Roses- Appetite For Destruction-CD-1987- 30 grn

Guns N' Roses- Use Your Illusion II-CD-1991- 30 grn

Guns N' Roses-"The Spaghetti Incident?"-CD-1993- 40 grn

Guns N' Roses- Live Era: '87-'93-2CD-1999- 80 grn

Hammer Of The Gods- Two Nights In North America-2CD-2006- 60 grn
(A Led Zeppelin Tribute).

HIM- Across The Sky-CD-2003- 40 grn
(Best 2003 + 4 New!).

Ian Gillan Band- The Rockfield Mixes- CD-2001- 40 grn

James Otto- Sunset Man-CD-2008- 30 grn

The Jason Bonham Band- In The Name Of My Father: The ZepSet-CDR-1997- 20 grn
(Live From Electric Ladyland).

Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group- Live-CD-1977- 40 grn

Jeff Beck, Steve Lukather & Guests- Japan Live Sessions 1986: TV Broadcast Archives-DVD-1986- 50 grn
(Featuring Carlos Santana, Graham Lear, Alphonso Johnson, Buddy Miles, Chester Thompson,
Jimmy Hall, Doug Wimbish, Jan Hammer, …).

Jeff Beck- At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, UK 29.11.2007-DVD-2007- 40 grn

Jeff Beck- Performing This Week…Live At Ronnie Scott's-CD-2008- 30 grn

Jeff Healey- Road House: The Movie- Blu-Ray Disc- 2015- 80 grn
(Patrick Swayze Featuring The Jeff Healey Band. Русский дубляж. Originaly Released 19th May 1989).

Jeff Healey- Among Friends-CD-2002- 50 grn

Jeff Healey- Adventures In Jazzland- CD-2002-4- 50 grn

The Jeff Healey Band- Montreux Sessions-CD-2005- 30 grn

The Jeff Healey Bluesband- In Concert-DVD-2006- 40 grn
(Live At Blues Festival Norvay, 2006-08-05).

Jeff Healey- It's Tight Like That-CD-2006- 30 grn

The Jeff Healey Band- Legacy: Volume One-2CD-2008- 60 grn
(CD1-Singles, CD2- Live In London, England, Hammersmith Odeon).

Jerry Lee Lewis- The Jerry Lee Lewis Show: Special Edition-DVD&CD-2002- 100 grn

Jethro Tull- Live At Madison Square Garden 1978-DVD-2009- 40 grn (Digipak)

Jethro Tull- Aqualung-CD-1971- 30 grn

Jethro Tull-A Passion Play-CD-1973- 50 grn

Jethro Tull-Minstrel In The Gallery-CD-1975- 50 grn

Jethro Tull-Songs From The Wood-CD-1977-50 grn

Jethro Tull-Live:Bursting Out-2CD-1978-100 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Live At Woodstock-DVD-1999- 50 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Hendrix: Band Of Gypsys- Live At The Fillmore East- DVD-1999- 50 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Experience-DVD-2001- 50 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight- DVD-2002- 50 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Jimi Plays Berkeley- DVD-2003- 50 grn

Jimi Hendrix- Jimi Hendrix: The Uncut Story-2DVD-2004- 100 grn
(Russian Language).

Jimi Hendrix- Live At Monterey- DVD-2007- 50 grn

Jimmy Barnes- Double Happiness-2CD-2005- 60 grn
(Duets With Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Diesel, David Campbell And Many More…).

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Albert Lee- No Introduction Necessary-CD-1968- 40 grn

Jimmy Page ( The Firm )- Jimmy Page's Firm-CD-1985- 30 grn
(The Firm: Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, Tony Franklin & Chris Slade. Recorded Live In Los Angeles During 1985 USA Tour).

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes- Greek Theatre, los Angeles, 19th October 1999-DVD-2002- 50 grn
(Third Eye Production. Bootleg Version. Digipak).

Jimmy Page & Friends- Wailing Sounds-CD-2006- 30 grn

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham- Rock And Roll Highway-CD-2007- 30 grn

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant- Hoochie Coochie Man-CD-2003- 30 grn
(Madison Square Garden 14.05.1988 & Acoustic Sessions 1993-1994).

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant- Light My Fire: Live At Civic Arena 25.03.1995-2CD-2003- 80 grn

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant- Live At Irvine Meadows-DVD-2008- 40 grn
(Recorded And Filmed Live At Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA, USA On 3rd October 1995).

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant- Koln 1998-DVD-2009- 40 grn
(Recorded And Filmed Live At Rockpalast Festival, Butzweilerhof, Koln, Germany On 23rd August 1998).

Jing Chi-3D-CD-2004- 40 grn
(Featuring Robben Ford).

J.J.Cale- In Session At The Paradise Studios Los Angeles-DVD-2002- 40 grn
(Recorded Live In 1979 Featuring Leon Russell).

Joe Bonamassa- A New Day Yesterday Live-CD-2002- 50 grn

Joe Bonamassa- Live From Nowhere In Particular-2CD-2008- 100 grn

Joe Bonamassa- Live From The Royal Albert Hall-2DVD-2009- 120 grn
(Featuring Eric Clapton & Paul Jones. Digipak).

Joe Cocker- The Best Of Joe Cocker Live-DVD-2004- 50 grn

Joe Cocker- Mad Dogs & Englishmen-DVD-2005- 50 grn

John Fogerty- Centerfield- CD-1985- 40 grn

John Fogerty- Premonition- CD-1998- 30 grn

John Lawton's GunHill- Live In Germany '99: ..We Rock..You Roll..-CD-2000- 30 grn

John Lee Hooker- Live In Montreal-DVD-2003- 50 grn
(Recorded Live In 1980).

John Lennon- Some Time In New York City-CD-1972- 30 grn
(John & Yoko / Plastic Ono Band With Elephant's Memory).

John Lennon- Anthology Vol.1-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn (Digipak)
John Lennon- Anthology Vol.2-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn (Digipak)
John Lennon- Anthology Vol.3-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn (Digipak)
(лоты John Lennon- Anthology Vol.1, 2 и 3 продаются вместе- 300 гривен).

John Mayall- Behind The Iron Curtain-CD-1985- 40 grn
(Recorded Live At An Open Air Concert In Szeged, Hungary On 6th June 1985).

John Mayall- The 1982 Reunion Concert-CD-1994- 40 grn (Recorded Live At The Wax Museum, Washington D.C. On 17th June 1982).

John Mayall- Live At The BBC-CD-2007- 30 grn
(Live '65-'67 & '75).

John Mayer- Heavier Things- CD-2003- 30 grn

John Paul Jones- Zooma-CD-1999- 30 grn

Johnny Winter- A Rock n' Roll Collection-2CDR-1994- 40 grn

Jon Lord- Windows / Before I Forget-2CDR-1974/1982- 40 grn

Jon Lord With The Hoochie Coochie Men- Live At The Basement-2CD&DVD-2003- 100 grn
(With Special Guest Jimmy Barnes. Digipak).

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Acme-Plus-CD-1999- 40 grn

Kid Rock- Rock n Roll Jesus- CD-2007- 30 grn

King Crimson- Deja VROOOM-2DVDR-1999- 40 grn

KUBB- Mother-CD-2005- 40 grn

Kris Kristofferson- Closer To The Bone- CD-2009- 30 grn

Led Zeppelin-Presence- CD-1976- 30 grn

Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains The Same- 2CD-1976- 60 grn

Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains The Same- DVD-1976- 50 grn
(In Concert And Beyond).

Led Zeppelin- Minnesota Blues: Live In Duluth, October 19, 1968-CD-2002- 30 grn

Led Zeppelin- A To Zeppelin: The Story Of Led Zeppelin-DVD-2004- 50 grn
(Digipak. Русский перевод).

Led Zeppelin- Kingdom Seattle Washington July 1977 (Pro Shot)-2DVD-2004- 80 grn (Digipak)

Led Zeppelin- Minnesota Blues Volume 1-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn
(Vol.1: CD- Live In Denmark 1969, DVD- Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1970. Digipak)
Led Zeppelin- Minnesota Blues Volume 2- 2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn
(Vol.2: CD1- Sessions Headley Grange Hashpire 1971 & Bombay India 1972; CD2- Studio Sessions & Rehearsals 1968-1972; DVD- Madison Sq. Garden '73…).
(Лоты Led Zeppelin- Minnesota Blues Volume 1 & Volume 2 продаются вместе- 180 гривен).

Led Zeppelin- On The Rock Trail / На Тропе Рока-DVD-2006- 50 grn
(The Story Of Led Zeppelin / Русский перевод. Slipcase).

Led Zeppelin- Early 1969 & More-DVD-2006- 50 grn
(Live Gig Copenhagen 1969, Madison Square Garden 1988, Promotion Clips, Zenith Theatre In Paris 1969, TV Footage…).

Led Zeppelin- The Complete Earl's Court: London, UK, May 24, 1975-CD&2DVD-2006- 100 grn (Digipak)

Led Zeppelin- The Definitive Cut: Knebworth 1979-Dual DVD-2006- 100 grn
(Recorded Live At Knebworth On 11th August 1979. Show Would Prove Led Zeppelin's Last, Since John Bonham Would Die One Year Later…).

Led Zeppelin- Mothership-DVD-2007- 40 grn

(CD1-Moma Don’t Wanna Play No Skiffle No More: 1956 / 1969;
CD2-Thank You: 1970 / 1971;
CD3-Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp: 1972 / 1975;
CD4-Dazed And Confused: 1975 / 1977;
CD5-White Summer: 1979 / 1980;
CD6-Travelin’ Mama: Live At Paris Theatre Of London, March 25, 1971;
CD7-Sessions Vol.I- The Legendary ‘Stairway To Heaven’ & ‘Bombay, India’ Sessions: 1971-1972;
CD8-Sessions Vol.II- ‘Tribute To Bett Burns’ & ‘Jenning’s Farm Blues Sessions: 1968-1971;
CD9-After The Crash: 1981-1985;
CD10-Hammer Of Gods Volume 1: 1970-1972;
CD11-Black Mountain Side- Playhouse Theatre, London, June 27, 1969: 1969-1970;
CD12-Hammer Of Gods Volume 2: 1970-1972;
CD13-Voodoo Time Volume 1: 1980;
CD14-As Long As I Have You: Fillmore 1969.)

Lenny Kravitz- Lenny Live-DVD-2002- 50 grn

Leon Russell- Hank Wilson's Back!-CDR-1973- 20 grn

Leon Russell- Retrospective-CD-1997- 20 grn

Les Paul- Live In New York-DVD-2010- 50 grn (Digipak)

Leslie West- Dodgin' The Dirt-CD-1993- 40 grn

Leslie West- Guitarded- CD-2005- 40 grn

Liquorice John Death- Ain't Nothin' To Get Excited About-CDR-1970- 20 grn
(Gary Brooker, Robin Trower, BJ Wilson, Chris Copping- Members Of Procol Harum As Liquorice John Death).

Living Loud-Live Sydney Fox Studios 2004-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn
(Don Airey, Bob Daisley, Jimmy Barnes, Lee Kerslake, Steve Morse. Digipack).

Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Nightingales And Bombers-CD-1975- 40 grn

Marc Bolan & T.Rex- The Essential Collection: 25 Anniversary Edition-CD-2002- 30 grn

Marc Bolan & T.Rex- Born To Boogie: Special Edition-2DVD-2005- 100 grn
(Super Jewel Box. Featuring T.Rex, Marc Bolan, Ringo Starr, Elton John. Produced And Directed By Ringo Starr).

Mark Ford- Weary And Wired-CD-2007- 50 grn
(Solo Album Guitarist Of The Black Crowes And Blue Floyd).

Mark Knopfler- Golden Heart-CD-1996- 40 grn

Mark Knopfler- Sailing To Philadelphia-CD-2000- 30 grn

Mark Selby-Dirt-CD-2002- 30 grn

Marilyn Manson- Smells Like Children-CD-1995- 30 grn

Mick Ralphs & Bad Co-That's Life-Can't Get Enough-CD-2003- 40 grn

Mick Taylor- Mick Taylor-CDR-1979- 20 grn

Mick Taylor- Live In 100 Club, London, England, August 28, 2003-2CD-2003- 60 grn

Mickey Finn & The Blue Men With Jimmy Page- Keep Moving! (1964-67)-CDR-1997- 20 grn

Mickey Finn's T-Rex- Renaissance-CDR-2000- 20 grn

Micky Moody And Paul Williams- Smokestacks, Broom Dusters & Hoochie Coochie Men-CDR-2002- 20 grn

Mountain- Mystic Theatre-DVDR-2003- 20 grn

Nazareth- Razamanaz-DVD-1985- 50 grn

Nazareth- Dressed To Kill-DVD-1989- 40 grn

Nazareth- Boogaloo-CD-1999- 30 grn

Neal Schon- Late Nite-CD-1989- 40 grn

Neal Schon- Electric World-2CD-1997- 60 grn

Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Rust Never Sleeps-DVD-1979- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Neil Young- Unplugged-CD&DVD-1993- 80 grn (Didipak)

The Original Animals-Ark-CD-1983- 30 grn
(Featuring Eric Burdon).

Ozzy Osbourne- Diary Of A Madman-CD-1981- 30 grn

Ozzy Osbourne- The Ultimate Ozzy-DVD-1986- 40 grn

Ozzy Osbourne- Speak Of The Devil- DVD-1986- 40 grn

Pat Travers- P.T.Power Trio-CD-2003- 30 grn

Paul Gurvitz- Rated PG-CD-2005- 30 grn

Paul Rodgers- Live In Glasgow-DVD-2007- 40 grn

Pearl Jam- Riot Act-CD-2002- 40 grn

Pearl Jam- Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003)-2CD-2003- 80 grn

Percy "Thrills" Thrillington- Thrillington-CD-1977- 50 grn
(Paul McCartney Under The Pseudonym Of Percy "Thrills" Thrillington Into Orchestral Version Of 1971 Album RAM).

Peter Green- Whatcha Gonna Do ?-CD-1981- 30 grn

Philip Lynott (Thin Lizzy)- The Philip Lynott Album-CD-1982- 40 grn

Pink Floyd- The Dark Side Of The Moon-CD&DVD-1992- 80 grn (Digipak)

Pink Floyd- Live At Pompeii-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn
(Filmed And Recorded In 1972. Digipak).

Pink Floyd- The Wall: Live At Earls Court August 9th 1980-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn (Digipak)

Pink Floyd- Live In Venice-July 15, 1989-2CD&DVD-2006- 100 grn (Digipak)

Pink Floyd- First Australian Show-CD-2008- 30 grn
(Melbourne, Australia, Festival Hall, September 13, 1971).

Popa Chubby- Brooklyn Basement Blues-CD-1998- 40 grn

Popa Chubby- Flashed Back: Songs From The '60s, Blues And Beyond-CD-2001- 40 grn

Popa Chubby- The Good, The Bad And The Chubby-CD-2002- 40 grn

Popa Chubby- Wild-DVDR-2005- 20 grn

Popa Chubby- Electric Chubbyland: Popa Chubby Plays Jimi Hendrix-3CD Box Set-2006- 90 grn

Procol Harum- A&B: The Singles / Live At The Union Chapel-2CD&DVD-2004- 100 grn (Digipak)

Queen+Paul Rodgers- Return Of The Champions-2CD-2005- 80 grn
(Recorded Live At Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield On 9th May 2005).

Queen+Paul Rodgers- Return Of The Champions-2CD&DVD-2006- 100 grn
(Recorded Live At Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield On 9th May 2005).

Rainbow- Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow / Rainbow Rising-CD-1975/1976- 30 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

Rainbow- Rainbow On Stage-CD-1977- 40 grn

Rainbow- On Stage / Olympiahalle Munchen 20.10.1977-CD&DVD-1977- 80 grn (Digipak)

Rainbow- Japan Tour '84-DVD-1984- 40 grn (Digipak)

Rainbow- Live In Germany 1976-2CD-1990- 80 grn

Rainbow- Stranger In Us All-CD-1995- 40 grn

Rainbow- Finyl Vinyl / The Final Cut-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn (Digipak)

Rainbow- Stranger In Us All / The Last Concert: Rainbow '95 Live-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn (Digipak)

Rick Derringer- Live In Cleveland-CD-1976- 30 grn
(Recorded Live For WMMS, 101-FM, Cleveland, October 11, 1976).

Rick Derringer- Live At Cheney Hall-CD-2006- 50 grn

Rick Derringer- Live At Cheney Hall-DVD-2006- 50 grn

Ritchie Blackmore- Get Away: Groups & Sessions-2CDR-2005- 40 grn

Rob Tognoni- Shakin' The Devil's Hand: Live Power Blues Rock-CD-2005- 30 grn

Robben Ford & Larry Carlton- Montreux Jazz Festival 2007-DVD-2007- 40 grn

Robben Ford- In Concert Revisited-DVD-2008- 40 grn
(Ohne Filter Musik Pur).

Robert Plant- Sixty Six To Timbuktu-2CD-2003- 80 grn

Robert Plant- Mighty Rearranger-CD-2005- 30 grn

Robert Plant- Nine Lives-DVD-2006- 40 grn (Digipak)

Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation- Sound Stage Presents: Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation-DVD-2006- 50 grn

Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation- The Cornbury Music Festival 2006- DVD-2006- 40 grn
(Filmed And Recorded At Near Charlbury, Oxfordshire, England).

Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation- EXIT Fest 2007- DVD-2007- 40 grn
(Filmed And Recorded At Novi Sad, Serbia, July 12, 2007).

Robert Plant / Alison Krauss- Raising Sand / Crossroads-CD&DVD-2007- 100 grn

Robin Trower- Caravan To Midnight / Victims Of The Fury-CD-1978/1979- 40 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

Robin Trower- In The Line Of Fire / Passion-CD-1990/1987- 30 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

Robin Trower- Go My Way / Live' 74-CD-2000/1999- 30 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

Robin Trower- Another Days Blues-CD-2005- 40 grn

Robin Trower- At The BBC 1973-1975-2CD-2011- 60 grn

Roger Glover- Greatest Hits-CDR-1996- 20 grn

Roger Hodgson- Take The Long Way Home: Live In Montreal-DVD-2006- 50 grn

The Rolling Stones- More Rare Video 1964-1968-DVDR-1968- 20 grn

The Rolling Stones- Love You Live- 2CD-1977- 60 grn

Rolling Stones / Martin Scersese- Shine A Light-2CD-2008- 60 grn

Rory Gallagher- Live At Cork Opera House-DVD-1999- 40 grn

Rory Gallagher- Live At Montreux: The Definitive Montreux Collection-2DVDR-2004- 40 grn

Roxy Music- Viva! Roxy Music- The Live Roxy Music Album-СВ-1976- 30 grn

Scaffold- The Scaffold 1967-1974-CDR-1998- 20 grn
(Mike "McGear" McCartney - Brother Of Paul McCartney).

Scott Finch And The Blues O' Delics- Live Groove!-2CD-2001- 80 grn

Slade- Alive! / Live At Granada Studios 1972-CD&DVD-2005- 60 grn
(DVD Bonus Rare Videos).

Slade- Anthology 1969-1991 Volume One-2CD&DVD-2006- 100 grn
Slade- Anthology 1969-1991 Volume Two-2CD&DVD-2006- 100 grn
(Лоты Slade- Anthology 1969-1991 Volume One & Volume Two продаются вместе 200 гривен).

Smokie- TV Appearances 1976-1977-DVD-2005- 40 grn

Snowy White And The White Flames- The Way It Is … Live-DVD-2005- 30 grn

Solomon Burke- Nashville-CD-2006- 30 grn

The Son Seals Blues Band- The Son Seals Blues Band-CD-1993- 50 grn

Soul Asylum- Grave Dancers Union- CD-1992- 30 grn

Soul Asylum- The Silver Lining-CD-2006- 30 grn

Southside Johnny With LaBamba's Big Band- Grapefruit Moon: The Songs Of Tom Waits-CD-2008- 30 grn
(Featuring Tom Waits).

Spooky Tooth- Live In Europe-CDR-2001- 20 grn

Spooky Tooth- Nomad Poets: Live In Germany 2004-DVD-2007- 40 grn

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel- The Psychomodo-CDR-1974- 20 grn

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel- A Closer Look / Love's A prima Donna-2CDR-1975/1976- 40 grn

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel- Love's A Prima Donna-CD-1976- 40 grn

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel- Face To Face- CD-1977- 40 grn

Steve Peregrine Took ( Tyrannosaurus Rex )- Crazy Diamond-CDR-1995- 20 grn

Steve Winwood- Nine Lives-CD-2008- 30 grn
(Featuring Eric Clapton).

Steven Seagal & Thunderbox- Mojo Priest-CD-2006- 30 grn

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble- Pride And Joy-DVD-1990- 40 grn

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble- Live From Austin, Texas-DVD-1995- 50 grn (Super Jewel Box)

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble- S R V -3CD&DVD-2000- 180 grn

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble- Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985-2DVD-2004- 80 grn

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble- Live At Montreux 1982 & 1985-2DVD-2004- 80 grn (Digipak)

(CD1-Texas Flood/Live At Montreux ’82;
CD2-Couldn’t Stand The Weather/Live At Montreux ’85:Vol.1;
CD3-Soul To Soul/Live At Montreux ’85:Vol.2;
CD4-In Step/Peace In The Valley;
CD5-The First Thunder/Greatest Hits Vol.1;
CD6-Live At Carnegie Hall/Greatest Hits Vol.2;
CD7-The Sky Is Crying/Blues At Sunrise;
CD8-Family Style/A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan;
CD9-Rare & Unissued Tracks Vol.1;
CD10- Rare & Unissued Tracks Vol.2;
CD11- Rare & Unissued Tracks Vol.3;
CD12-One Night In Texas…/Crossfire:A Salute To Stevie Ray).
(Лот ‘SRV&DT-Collection-12CD’ продаётся целиком).

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Lonnie Mack- Live At The American Caravan TV Show-DVD-1986- 40 grn

Stray Cats- Rant n' Rave With The Stray Cats-CD-1983- 40 grn

Supertramp- Supertramp-CD-1970- 30 grn

Susan Tedeschi- The Best Of Susan Tedeschi: Episode One-CD-2005- 30 grn

Susan Tedeschi- The Best Of Susan Tedeschi: Episode Two- CD-2007- 30 grn

The Swinging Blue Jeans- The Swinging Blue Jeans-CD-2000- 40 grn
(Legend Series Collection).

Suzi Quatro- Video Collection 1973-1981-DVD-2003- 40 grn
(Performances At "Disco", At "Musikladen", At "Top Of The Pops" And Promo Video).

Syl Johnson- Bridge To A Legacy-CD-1998- 50 grn
(Featuring Jonny Lang & Syleena Johnson).

T.Rex- My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair…-CD-1967- 40 grn

T.Rex- Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels Of The Ages- CD-1968- 30 grn

T.Rex- My People Were Fair…/ Zinc Alloy And The Hidden…-CD-1968/1974- 40 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

T.Rex- Single Hits-CD-1977- 40 grn

T.Rex- On T.V.-DVDR-2006- 20 grn

Ted Nugent- Journey To The Centre Of The Mind / Migration-CD-1968/1968- 40 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)
(This Albums Was Realised As The American Amboy Dukes Featuring Ted Nugent).

Ted Nugent- Motor City Mayhem: The 6,000th Concert-DVD-2009- 50 grn
(Recorded & Filmed At The DTE Energy Music Centre In Detroit On July 4, 2008. Digipak).

Them Crooked Vultures- Them Crooked Vultures-CD-2009- 30 grn
(Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme, John Paul Jones).

Thin Lizzy- One Night Only-CD-2000- 40 grn

Thin Lizzy- Still Dangerous: Live…-CD-2008- 30 grn
(Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977).

Thunder- Flawed To Reflection: The Video Collection 1990-1995-DVD-2005- 50 grn (Digipak)

Thunder- Bang!-CD-2008- 50 grn

Thunder- The EP Sessions 2007-2008- CD-2009- 50 grn

Tommy Bolin- Spectrum Session (Love Child)-2CD-2002- 60 grn

Tommy Bolin- Bolin'-CD-2004- 30 grn

Tom Waits- Heartattack And Vine-CD-1980- 30 grn

Tom Waits- Asylum Years- CD-1986- 30 grn

Tom Waits- Big Time- CD-1988- 30 grn

Tom Waits- Glitter And Doom: Live-2CD-2009- 60 grn

Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers-My Bonnie-CDR-1962- 20 grn
(12 Tracks Originally Released In 1962 Featuring The Beatles Plus 10 Bonus Tracks).

Tori Amos- To Venus And Back-2CD-1999- 60 grn

Tori Amos- Strange Little Girls-CD-2001- 30 grn

Traveling Wilburys- The Traveling Wilburys Collection-2CD&DVD-2005- 100 grn
(CD1: Traveling Wilburys Volume 1; CD2: Traveling Wilburys Volume 3; DVD: Traveling Videos Plus Bonus Rare Materials).

Traveling Wilburys- Vol. 2 / Vol. 4 ½-CD-2006- 40 grn
(Vol. 2: Tom Petty "Full Moon Fever" Featuring Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jim Keltner, Mike Campbell, … ;
Vol. 4 1/2: Bootleg).

Traveling Wilburys- Volume 2: Silver Wilburys-2CD&DVD-2007- 100 grn
(CD1&2: Rare And Unreleased Tracks; DVD: Filmed & Recorded Live At Palomino Club, North Hollywood,
CA On 19th February 1987).

Traveling Wilburys- Genuine Wil-Berry Jam-CD-2011- 50 grn

Uriah Heep & David Byron- Collection 1973-1977-DVD-2000- 50 grn (Digipak)

Uriah Heep- Future Echoes Of The Past-2CD-2001- 60 grn
(Recorded Over 2 Nights On The German Tour 1999-2000: 29.11.1999 Aschaffenburg Colossaal
& 30.11.1999 Munich Nachtwerk).

Uriah Heep- Gypsy-DVD-2002- 50 grn
(Live At London's Camden Palace 1985. Super Jewel Box).

Uriah Heep- Live / The Byron Era-CD&DVD-2005- 80 grn
(CD- Live '73 Recorded During The British Tour In January 1973, DVD- Classic Heep Live From The Byron Era).

Uriah Heep- Official Bootleg: Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009-CD-2010- 30 grn

V.A.- The Iron Man: The Musical By Pete Townshend-CDR-1989- 20 grn
(Featuring John Lee Hooker).

V.A.- L.A.Blues Authority Volume lV: Fit For A.King-CD-1993- 40 grn
(Tribute To Albert King Featuring Pat Trvers, Rick Derringer, Leslie West, Frank Marino, …).

V.A.- Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music Of Peter Green-CD-1995- 40 grn
(Featuring Snowy White, Rory Gallagher, Ken Hensey, Mick Abrahams, Ian Anderson, …).

V.A.- A Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan-DVD-1996- 40 grn
(Supershow Featuring B.B.King, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Dr. John, Art Neville, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmie Vaughan).

V.A.- To Cry You A Song: A Collection Of Tull Tales-CD-1996- 50 grn
(Tribute To Jethro Tull).

V.A.- Kashmir: Symphonic Led Zeppelin-CD-1997- 40 grn

V.A.- Paint It, Blue: Songs Of The Rolling Stones-CD-2000- 40 grn
(This Ain't No Tribute).

V.A.- Pickin' On Zeppelin: A Tribute- CD-2000- 30 grn

V.A.- Rock'n'Roll: The Best-CD-2000- 30 grn
(Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Trini Lopez, Chubby Checker, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, The Searchers …).

V.A.- The Boys Are Back: A Tribute To Thin Lizzy-CD -2001- 40 grn
(Dedicated To The Memory Of Phil Lynott (1949-1986)).

V.A.- From Clarksdale To Heaven-CD-2002- 30 grn
(Remembering John Lee Hooker: Mick Taylor, Gary Moore, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, Gary Brooker, Jeff Beck, …).

V.A.- Stairway To Rock: A Led Zeppelin Tribute-CD-2003- 40 grn

V.A.- A Tribute To … The Best Tribute-CD-2003- 40 grn
(Sepultura, Pain, Aggressor, Anthrax, Rage, Anathema, Mental Crypt, Nightingale, Helloween, …).

V.A.- Lightning In A Bottle-DVD-2005- 40 grn
(A One Night History Of The Blues. Live 2003 Featuring B.B.King, Macy Gray, Buddy Guy, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, …).

V.A.- Visions Of An Inner Mounting Apocalypse: A Fusion Guitar Tribute-CD-2005- 50 grn
(Fusion Tribute To The Mahavishnu Orchestra Featuring Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Warren Haynes, Mike Stern,
Greg Howe And Many More).

V.A.- Best Of Blues Guitar-CD-2006- 40 grn
(Gary Moore, Keith Richards, Johnny Winter, …).

V.A.- Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys-2CD-2006- 60 grn
(Johnny Depp, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Sting, Bono, Lou Reed…).

V.A.- Maximum Mojo: The Best Of Electro-Fi Records-2CD-2007- 60 grn

V.A.- An All-Star Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd-CD-2007- 30 grn

V.A.- Experience Hendrix-DVD-2007- 40 grn
(Tribute To Jimi Featiring Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Paul Rodgers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Mick Taylor, Indigenous,
Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, …).

V.A.- TIME BLUES: BLUES COLLECTION Vol.1 - Vol.31- 31 CD -2008- 3 100,00 grn
(A Compilations Of Modern Blues Artists: Julian Sas, Walter Trout, Poppa Chubby, Mick Taylor, Snowy White, Mick Moody, …
Имеется в наличии трек-лист. По запросу можно ознакомиться).

V.A.- Covering Clapton: From Cream And Beyond-CD-2009- 30 grn
(Featuring Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Pat Travers, Rick Derringer).

V.A.- Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame+Museum: Live-3DVD-2009- 150 grn (Digipack)

V.A.- Top Musicians Play Lynyrd Skynyrd-CD-2010- 30 grn

Vargas Blues Band- Comes Alive With Friends!-DVD-2009- 40 grn

Whitesnake / Coverdale Page- Snakebite / Coverdale Page-CD-1978/1993- 40 grn (2 Albums On 1 CD)

Whitesnake- Restless Heart-CD-1997- 30 grn

Whitesnake- Live: In The Still Of The Night-DVD-2006- 40 grn (Digipack)

Whitesnake- Live In Japan-DVD-2007- 40 grn
(Recorded Live In Tokyo, Japan On 11th &12th August 1984).

Whitesnake- White Night In Russia-DVD-2007- 40 grn
(Recorded Live At White Nights Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia On 10th June 1994).

Whitesnake- Whitesnake Commando's Live!-DVD-2009- 40 grn
(Filmed At The Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington Park On 20th August 1983. Digipak).

Willie And The Poor Boys- Willie And The Poor Boys: Special Edition-DVD-1985- 40 grn
(Bill Wyman's Project: Featuring All Stars).

Y&T- Live: One Hot Night-DVD-2007- 40 grn

The Yardbirds- For Your Love-CDR-1965- 20 grn
(featuring Eric Clapton).

The Yardbirds- Having A Rave Up- CD-1965- 30 grn
(featuring Eric Clapton).

ZAZ-Sans Tsu Tsou-CD&DVD:Limited Edition-2011- 100 grn (Digipak)

Zephyr- Zephyr-CD-1969- 30 grn
(Featuring Tommy Bolin).

Zucchero- Blue's-CD-1986- 40 grn

ZZ Top- Tres Hombres-CD-1973- 30 grn

ZZ Top- Fandango!- CD-1975- 30 grn

ZZ Top- Rhythmeen- CD-1996- 30 grn

ZZ Top- XXX-CD-1999- 40 grn
(With Bonus Blues Album).

ZZ Top- Live From Texas-DVD-2008- 40 grn

ZZ Top- Double Down Live 1980 & 2008-2DVD-2008- 100 grn (Digipak)

Также можно приобрести стойки пластиковые чёрного цвета для компакт-дисков на 25 CD каждая по 20 гривен.
(Имеется в наличии 20 штук. Самовывоз или вышлю в разобранном виде.)

P.S. Всё это в отличном и хорошем состоянии из моего старого приватного собрания. Новых поступлений не будет. Так как многим изданиям 15-20 лет, коробочки имеют трещинки и потёртости.
(Отредактировал Вчера в 21:20 rocknrollstation.)
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