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продам CD / 04-05-2016 19:50
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0972457462, 0993828315 - Юра

Все минивинилы - московские реплики.
Возле фирменных и лицензионных позиций указан лейбл.

1 стр - актуальный каталог по алфавиту
Jazz, Funk & Soul внизу списка
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Rock, Pop

буклет грн пр-во (бп - без полиграфии)
10CC Bloody Tourists Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap.book 110
10CC Deceptive Bends Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS, 4-p bookl 110
10CC Bloody Tourists 8-page 55
10CC Mirror Mirror (expanded version) incl.I'm Not In Love(Rework Of Art Mix) 75
10CC 10cc Japan minivinyl,OIS,jap.book,shrink 90
10CC Ten Out Of 10 4-page 30
3 DOORS DOWN Away From The Sun 4-page 30
3 DOORS DOWN Time Of My Life 16-page 30
50 CENT Before Curtis 4-page 10
50 CENT The Return Of Body Snatchers 4-page 10
69 EYES Devils 4-page 30
8-BIT OPERATORE The Music Of Kraftwerk 4-page 10
ABSOLUTE STEEL The Fair Bitch Project 20-page 45 СД-Максимум
AC/DC High Voltage Electro Club Remixes 4-page 40
AC/DC The Razors Edge DJ-pack 220 Epic (USA)
AC/DC Black Ice digipack,16-p book 90
AC/DC Black Ice 16-page 50
AC/DC T.N.T 2-page 70
AC/DC Let There Be Rock 4-page 45
AC/DC High Voltage 8-page 55
AC/DC Back In Black 4-page 45
AC/DC The Razors Edge 6-page 55
AC/DC Highway To Hell 8-page 55
AC/DC Flick Of The Switch 16-page 50
AC/DC Highway To Hell 4-page 20
ACCEPT CD+DVD Stalingrad 4-page 75
ACCEPT I'm A Rebel 8-page 45
ACCEPT Bracker 8-page 45
ACCEPT Metal Heart (2011 remaster) 12-page 70
ACCEPT Eart The Heat 4-page 40
ACCEPT Metal Heart 4-page 40
ACCEPT Blind Rage 20-page 55
ACCEPT Black Crowes 20-page 55
ACROPHET Corrupt Minds digipak, numbered copy 120 Metal Mind Productions ‎– MASS CD 1084 DG
ACROPHET Faded Glory digipak, numbered copy 120 Metal Mind Productions ‎– MASS CD 1085 DG
ADEMA Ultra-Extreme 4-page 20
ADRENALINE MOB We The People бп 10
AEROSMITH Draw The Line 8-page 35
AEROSMITH Honkin'On Bobo 4-page 30
AEROSMITH Permanent Vacation 4-page 30
AEROSMITH Pump 4-page 40
AEROSMITH Toys In The Attic 4-page 40
AEROSMITH Big Ones 4-page 30
AFI Sing The Sorrow 4-page 30 Moon
AFTER ALL Mercury Rising 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
AFTER ALL The Vermin Breed 8-page 45 Союз
AIR 10000 Hz Legend 4-page 30
ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT, THE 2in1 Eye In The Sky/Vulture Culture 4-page 30
ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT, THE 2CD Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Alan Poe (2008+4 bonus track) 12-page 90
ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT, THE Eve minivinyl,GF,12-p book+jap.book 110
ALICE COOPER Paranormal (18 tracks) 20-page 70
ALICE COOPER Billion Dollar Babies Japan minivinyl,OBI,rounded GF,embossed,dollar,OIS,8-p.book,jap.book 190
ALICE COOPER Love It To Death Japan minivinyl,OBI,sticker,GF,OIS,jap.book 150
ALICE COOPER 2in1 The Last Temptation/Classic Lives part.2 4-page 30 СД-Максимум
ALIZEE Goermandises 4-page 15
ALL SHALL PERISH Hate Malice Revenge 8-page 40
ALL SHALL PERISH The Price Of Existence 8-page 40
ALMAH (EDU FALASCHI) Almah 20-page 45 СД-Максимум
ALTER BRIDGE One Day Remains 4-page 20
AMBITION Ambition 12-page 45 Irond
AMERICA Hideaway Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap book 110
AMORPHIS Under The Red Cloud 16-page 50
AMOS LEE As The Crown Flies 4-page 30
AMY WINEHOUSE 2СD Back to Black 4-page 60
AMY WINEHOUSE Loness Hidden Treasures 4-page 40
ANASTACIA Resurrection 16-page 30
ANATHEMA Alternative 4 4-page 30
ANATHEMA Distant Satellites 16-page 50
ANATHEMA Weather Systems 8-page 50
ANDREA BOCELLI Cieli Di Toscana 6-page 20 Ukrainian records
ANDY GIBB After Dark 4-page 20
ANGEL BLAKE Angel Blake 12-page 40
ANIMALS,THE The Animals minivinyl,OIS, 60
ANNIHILATOR Carnival Diablos 4-page 20
ANOTHER LEVEL Another Level 4-page 20
ANTHRAX Fistful of Metal 4-page 30
ANTHRAX Spreading The Disease 4-page 25
ANTHRAX We've Come For You All 4-page 30
ANTHRAX We've Come For You All 4-page 40
APOCALIPTICA Plays Metallica By Four Cellos 8-page 60
APOCALYPTICA Play Metallica By Four Cellos 4-page 20
ARTILLERY The Deatg Comes 24-page 40
ASIA Aria 16-page 45
ASKA Avenger 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
ASPERITY The Final Demand 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
ATREYU Lead Sails Paper Anchor 4-page 20
AUDIOSLAVE Audioslave'2002 6-page 30
AUDIOSLAVE Out Of Exile 4-page 20
AVATAR Black Waltz бп 10
AVRIGUS The Secret Kingdom 16-page 40
AVRIL LAVIGNE The Best Damn Thing 20-page 30
AWAKE Illumination 12-page 45 Irond
AXEL RUDI PELL Kings And Queens 4-page 40
AXEL RUDI PELL Mystica 16-page+sticker+cd-jewel 95 Steamhammer - Germany
AXEL RUDI PELL Knights Gall 12-page 60
AXENSTAR Aftermath 12-page 45 IceWarrior
B.B.KING Take A Swing Of Me 4-page 20
BABYLON WHORES Death Of The West 8-page 45 Фоно
BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE Rck'n'Roll Nights 4-page 20
BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE 2in1 Not Fragile/Four Wheel Drive 4-page 30
BACK STREET BOYS Black&Blue 4-page 20
BACKSTREET BOYS Unbreakable 16-page 25
BACKSTREET BOYS Super Best 4-page 20
BAD BOYS BLUE Around The World 4-page 45 JRC
BAD COMPANY Desolation Angels minivinyl,GF,OIS,6-p book 110
BAD COMPANY 2in1 Rough Diamonds/Fame And Fortune 4-page 65 CD-Maximum
BAD COMPANY 2in1 Run With The Pack/Dangerous Age 4-page 45 СД-Максимум
BAD COMPANY 2in1 Bad Co/Burnin' Sky 4-page 45 СД-Максимум
BAD COMPANY 2in1Straight Shooter/Desolation Angels 4-page 40
BALANCE Equilibrium 12-page 45 Irond
BARBARA STREISAND 2CD The Essential 10-page 40
BARILARI Barilari 12-page 45 Фоно
BARRY GIBB In The Now 12-page 30
BARRY LEVENSON The Visit 4-page 40
BEACH BOYS, THE That's Why God Made The Radio 16-page 40
BEATLES A Hard Day's Night Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
BEATLES Rubber Soul Japan minivinyl, OBI, OIS, jap.book 100
BEATLES 2CD White Album 4-page 50
BEATLES 2in1 Please Please Me/With The Beatles 4-page 30
BEATLES, THE Abbey Road 4-page 50
BEATLES, THE Let It Be 24-page 65
BEATLES, THE Let It Be (Remaster-2009) Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,24-p book+jap.book 150
BEATLES, THE Meet The Beatles 8-page 65
BEATLES, THE Second Album 8-page 60
BEATLES, THE Sgr.Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band 8-page 65
BEATLES, THE Something New 8-page 60
BEATLES, THE 1 (Remasters 2000) 4-page 30
BEATLES, THE Beatles'65 (american album) 8-page 50
BEATLES, THE 15CD + Box Compact Disc EP. Collection Japan minivinyl+box 2900 Japan - Odeon ‎– TOCP-7101~15
BEATLES, THE Hey Jude (The U.S. Albums) 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Help! (The U.S. Albums) 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Help! (2012 Remaster) 24-page 65
BEATLES, THE Rubber Soul (The U.S. Albums) 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Revolver (The U.S. Albums) 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE A Hard Day's Night 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Help! 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Rubber Soul 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE Revolver 8-page 55
BEATLES, THE With The Beatles 8-page 55
BEATLES,THE The Beatles' Hottest Hits бп 10
BEE GEES 2in1 Cucumber Castle/Bee Gees 1963-1966 8-page 30
BEE GEES 2CD The Record.Their Greatest Hits 8-page 60
BELLE EPOQUE Bamalama Japan minivinyl,OBI sealed 110
BELLE EPOQUE 2in 1 Miss Broadway/Bamalama 4-page 50
BELLE EPOQUE Bamalama Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 150
BEYONCE B'Day 16-page 30
BEYOND FEAR Beyond Fear 16-page 45 Союз
BEYOND TWILIGHT For Love and Art of the Making 20-page 45 Massacre
BIG COOK Year Of The Cock 4-page 30
BILLY COBHAM (feat.TOMMY BOLIN) Spectrum 4-page 75 Atlantic Jazz
BILLY GIBBONS (EX-ZZ TOP) The Big Badblues (201Cool 8-page 75
BJORK Greatest Hits 8-page 30 Ukr Records
BJORK Volta 4-page 20 Ukrainian Records
BLACK CAT WHITE CAT OST from film by Emir Kusturica 4-page 20
BLACK EYED PEAS Renegotiations. The Remixes 4-page 20
BLACK MAJESTY Tomorrowland 8-page 45 Limb
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Wrong Creatures 8-page 60
BLACK SABBATH 2in1 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Heaven And Hell 4-page 35 СД-Максимум
BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath (Remaster) 12-page 65
BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath 4-page 40
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 4-page,без задника 90 WB USA
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 12-page 60
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 4-page 40
BLACK SABBATH Vol.4 8-page 40
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 4-page,hologramm 55 Sony-BMG
BLACK SABBATH Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 16-page 75
BLACK SABBATH Technical Ecstasy 16-page 60 Universal
BLACK SABBATH Sabotage 16-page 70
BLACK SABBATH Never Say Die! 16-page 70
BLACK SABBATH Heaven And Hell 12-page 70
BLACK SABBATH Seventh Star 12-page 40
BLACK SABBATH The End. Studio Sessions 8-page 50
BLACK SABBATH Dehumanizer 12-page 65
BLACK SABBATH Heaven And Hell 8-page 60
BLACK SABBATH The End 6-page 50
BLACK SABBATH 2CD Live Evil Digipack - double gatefold, 2xTray, 16-page bool 150
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 2-page 30 DA
BLACK SABBATH Master of Reality 2-page 30
BLACKWOOD CREEK Blackwood Creek 8-page 45 Irond
BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS Child Is Father To The Man Japan jewel,OBI,4-p book,jap.book 60
BLOODBATH The Fathomless Mastery бп 10
BLUE JEANS A Swinging minivinyl 80
BLUE STATES Man Mountain 4-page 20
BOLT TROWER Realm of Chaos 8-page 60
BOMFUNK MC'S Burnin' Sneakers 4-page 20
BON JOVI Keep The Faith 12-page 45
BON JOVI Golden Collection 4-page 20
BONEY M. Greatest Hits 6-page 30
BONEY M. 2in 1 Take The Heat Of Me/Nightflight To Venus 12-page 40
BONEY M. 2in 1 Oceans Of Fantasy/Single Hits 12-page 40
BONEYM. Take The Heat Of Me(+bonus track) 8-page 45
BONEYM. Love For Sale(+bonus track) 8-page 45
BONNIE TYLER Star Profile 4-page 20
BORN FROM PAIN In Love With The End 12-page 45 Фоно
BOSTON 2 in 1 3rd Boston/Third Stage 4-page 35
BOSTON 2 in 1 3rd Don't Look Back/Walk On 4-page 35
BOSTON Don't Look Back Japan minivinyl,GF,OBI,OIS,12-p book+jap.book 120
BOSTON Boston (без диска) minivinyl sleeve, OIS, japan book 30
BOYS II MAN Legacy. The Greatest Hits Collection 6-page 25 Ukrainian Distribution
BRAVERY, THE The Bravery 2-page 10
BREAD 5CD Original Album Series 5 japan minivinyl+box 290
BRIAN ENO + DAVID BYRNE My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts 28-page book+box 150
BRIAN HOWE Touch 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
BRIDGES OF DESTRICTION Runaway Bridges 4-page 45 Irond
BRITNEY SPEARS Femme Fatalie 16-page 30
BRUCE DICKINSON Tyrrany Of Souls 12-page 55
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Super Instrumental 4-page 20
BRYAN ADAMS Greatest Hits 2-page 20
BRYAN ADAMS Tracks Of My Years 16-page 55
BRYAN FERRY Let's Stick Together 8-page 45
BUDDY GUY Blues Singer 8-page 30
BURZUM Aske DJ-pack,tri-fold 80
BURZUM Belus 8-page 50
BUSTA RHYMES The Big Bang 4-page 10
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Откуда: Ивано-Франковск
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Репутация: 364
RE: Распродажа CD / 07-05-2016 09:24
CANDLEMASS Chapter IV 4-page 30
CANNED HEAT Working Blues бп 5
CANNIBAL CORPSE Gore Obsessed 4-page 30
CARAVAN Blind Dog at st.Dunstans Japan minivinyl,OIS,jap.bppk 90
CELINE DION A New Day Has Some 4-page 20
CELINE DION Encore Un Soir 20-page 60
CELINE DION Unison 4-page 30
CENTINEX World Declension 8-page 45
CERRONE Red Lips 4-page 45
CHAIN Eros Of Love And Destruction 8-page 30
CHEMICAL BROTHERS Born In The Echoes 4-page 50
CHICAGO Chicago 13 Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,16-p.book+japan book 110
CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate Crew Deathroll 8-page 35
CHILDREN OF BODOM Are You Dead Yet& 12-page 45
CHILLY For You Love Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 120
CHINA Sign In The Sky 12-page 60
CHINCHILLA Madness 8-page 45 Фоно
CHRIS FARLOWE Hungary For The Blues 8-page 30 Moon
CHRIS REA The Best Of 4-page 25
CHRISTINA AGUILERA Just Be Free 4-page 20
CIRCLE II CIRCLE Consequence Of Power 16-page 45 AFM
CLANNAD Lore 4-page 30
COLECTIVE SOUL Blender 16-page 150 Atlantic USA
COLOSSEUM The Daughter Of Time Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,jap.book 135
CONSORTIUM PROJECT III Terra Incognita 8-page 50 Фоно
COZY POWELL Tilt 2-page 30
CRADLE OF FILTH Nymphetamine 20-page 75 Roadrunner Records ‎– 168 618 282-2
CRADLE OF FILTH Damnation And A Day 20-page 45
CRADLE OF FILTH Thornography 6-page 40 Moon
CRAIG DAVID Born To Do It 4-page 20
CRAIG ERICKSON Force Majeure 4-page 30
CRANBERRIES, THE Stars. The Best of 1992-2002 8-page 20 Астра
CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL 2in1 Green River/Cosmos Factory 4-page 30
CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Credence Clearwater Revival (remaster) 8-page 55
CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Pendulum Japan minivinyl, GF, OBI, jap.book 150
CREED Weathered 4-page 30
CROWDED HOUSE Time On Earth 12-page 30
CRUADALACH Agni - Unveil What's Burning Inside 8-page 40
CRUSH 40 Crush 40 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
CRYSTAL METHOD, THE Drive: Mike+Original Man 2-page 20
CURE, THE Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 8-page 120 Elektra USA https://www.discogs.com/The-Cure-Kiss-Me...ase/178724
CURE, THE 2in1 Faith / The Head On The Door 4-page 30
CYBERIA Mindcontrol 12-page 40 Союз
CYPRESS HILL Till Death Do Us Part 4-page 10
CZESLAW NIEMEN Dziwny jest ten swiat 8-page 65
CZESLAW NIEMEN Sukces 8-page 65
DAN SIEGEL Origins 4-page 65
DANGER DANGER Revolve 16-page 50 Irond
DARE Beneath The Shining Water 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
DARK AT DOWN Of Decay And Desire 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
DARKNESS Pinewood Smile 12-page 70
DAVID BOWIE Scary Monsters minininyl,OIS 90
DAVID BOWIE Let's Dance Japan minininyl,OBI,OIS,japan book 120
DAVID BOWIE Scary Monsters 8-page 40
DAVID BOWIE The Next Day 4-page 40
DAVID COVERDALE Into The Light 4-page 30
DAVID GUETTA One Love 12-page 30
DAWN RIDER Fate Is Calling (pt.1) 16-page 45 ART-music
DEAFENNING SILENCE Edge Of Life 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
DEATH ANGEL The Dream Calls for Blood бп 10
DEATH ANGEL The Ultra Violence 6-page 65
DECADENCE Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos 8-page 40
DEEP FOREST Evo Devo Evolution & Development 8-page 60
DEEP PURPLE Classic 4-page 20
DEEP PURPLE 24 carat Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap.book 90
DEEP PURPLE Shades Of Deep Purple 8-page 60
DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Taliesyn 8-page 60
DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Taliesyn 4-page 25
DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Taliesyn Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap.book 155
DEEP PURPLE Shades Of Deep Purple Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,jap.book 155
DEEP PURPLE In Rock (Anniversary Edition-20 track) 12-page 55
DEEP PURPLE Fireball Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,20-page book 160 WCRP-1565
DEEP PURPLE Fireball (+9 bonus track) 24-page 60
DEEP PURPLE Who Do We Think We Are Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,20-page book 140
DEEP PURPLE Who Do We Think We Are 8-page 35
DEEP PURPLE Made In Japan 4-page 35
DEEP PURPLE Burn 24-page 70
DEEP PURPLE Purpendicular 8-page 55
DEEP PURPLE 2CD+DVD Perfect Strangers Live 16-page 130
DEEP PURPLE The Battle Rages On 8-page 60
DEEP PURPLE Infinite (16 tracks) 24-page 75
DEEP PURPLE Bananas 12-page 70
DEEP PURPLE Perfect Strangers 4-page 30 Astra
DEEP PURPLE AND THE ORCHESTRA Gemini Suite Live 12-page 50
DEEP PURPPLE 2CD Machine Head (25 Anniversary Edition) 28-page 130
DEF LEPPARD Euphoria 12-page 50
DEFF LEPPARD Hysteria 4-page 40
DEREK SHERINIAN (ex-DREAM THEATER) Molecular Heinosity 8-page 30
DIAMANDA GALAS Mp3 collection 2-p 20
DIDDY Press Play 4-page 5
DIDO Live For Rent + bonus 4-page 30
DIDO No Angel 6-page 30
DIE TRYING Die Trying 16-page 40
DIO Lock Up The Wolves 20-page 55
DIRE DTRAITS Love Over Gold 12-page 60
DIRE STRAITS On The Night 8-page 40
DIRE STRAITS Making Movies 12-page 70
DIRE STRAITS Brother In Arms 4-page 40
DIRE STRAITS On Every Street 16-page 75
DIRE STRAITS Love Over Gold 12-page 75
DIRE STRAITS Communique 12-page 75
DIRE STRAITS Brother In Arms 8-page 60
DIRE STRAITS The Very Best Of Dire Straits 6-page 40
DIRE STRAITS The Best 6-page 30 Ukrainian Records
DISTURBED Ten Thousand Fists 4-page 30
DMX Grand Champ 2-page 20
DONALD FAGEN AND WALTER BECKER You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It 8-page 40
DOORS, THE Morrison Hotel 12-page 50
DOORS, THE Strange Days 12-page 50
DOORS, THE The Soft Parade 12-page 50
DOORS, THE Waiting For The Sun 12-page 50
DOORS, THE L.A.Woman 12-page 55
DOORS,THE The Doors minivinyl,8-p book, OIS 90
DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY De Wereld Is Blauw 4-page 5
DOWN Over The Under digipak, 24-p book 120 Down USA
DREAM THEATER 3CD Live At Budocan triple minivinyl 150
DREAM THEATER DVD-Dark Side Of The Moon.Dream Theater plays Pink Floyd Digi-pack 50
DREAM THEATER Systematic Chaos 24-page 50
DREAM THEATER Train Of Thought 12-page 40
DREAMAKER Enclosed 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
DREAMTALE Difference 16-page 45 Фоно
DRIVE, SHE SAID Real Life 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
DSCHINGHIS KHAN The Histoty & Millenium Mega-Mixes 4-page 25 Music Factory Group
DUKE Escape From Reality 16-page 45 Massacre
DUNGEON A Rise to Power 8-page 45
DYSLESIA Who Dares Wins 12-page 45 Art-Music
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Откуда: Ивано-Франковск
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Репутация: 364
RE: продам CD / 10-05-2016 20:44
EAGLES Eagles 4-page 45
ECLIPSE The Truth And A Little More 12-page 60
EDDIE JOBSON Zinc/The Green Album 4-page 30
EIDOLON Hallowed Apparition 12-page 50 Фоно
EIDOLON The Parallel Otherworld 12-page 40
EL PASADOR The Best Of Retro 4-page 10
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA 2in1 Eldorado/Face the Music 4-page 30
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA A New World Record japan,OBI,6-page&jap.book 75
ELECTRIC PRUNES, THE 5CD Original Album Series 5 minivinyl+box 280
ELO (JEFF LYNNE'S) From Out Of Nowhere 8-page 75
ELTON JOHN The Captain & The Kid 20-page 40 Ukranian Records
ELTON JOHN Diamonds 8-page 60
ELTON JOHN Blue Moves 4-page 40
ELTON JOHN Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only Piano Player 4-page 30
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Emerson Lake & Palmer Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,jap.book 90
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Pictures At An Exhibition 8-page 50
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Works. Vol.2 Japan minivinyl,20bitK2 OBI, jap. book 120
EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Trilogy 4-page 30
EMERSON,LAKE AND PALMER Brian Salad Surgery 8-page 50
EMINEM The Eminem Show 4-page 20
EMMA CHAPLIN Etterna 6-page 20 Ukrainian records
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Enrique 12-page 30
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Escape 4-page 10
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Insomniac 18-page 40 Ukrainian records
ENTOMBED Serpent Saints 2-page 20
ENYA The Celts 4-page 20
ERASER Thom Yorke 4-page 20
ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS The Twain Shall Meet 4-page 20
ERIC CLAPTON Me And Mr.Johnson 4-page 30
ERIC CLAPTON Me Amd Mr Johnson 4-page 40
ERIC MARTIN Destroy All Monsters 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
EUROPE Secret Society 16-page 50 Moon
EVERLAST Songs Of The Ungrateful Living 2-page 30
FALL OUT BOY, AVRIL LAVIGNE etc Now 25 12-page 10
FAMILY (FEAT.ROGER CHAPMAN) Fairless 8-page 40
FAMILY (FEAT.ROGER CHAPMAN) It's Only A Movie 8-page 50
FANCY Gold Remix 4-page 30
FAR'N'HIGH Attraction Of Fire 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
FATAL SMILE Beyound Reality 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
FATE A Matter Of Attitude 8-page 30
FEAR FACTORY Archetype 4-page 35 Moon
FEAR FACTORY Digimortal 4-page 35 Moon
FINCH Say Hello To Sunshine 4-page 15
FIRES OF BABYLON Fires Of Babylon 12-page 45 Irond
FLEETWOOD MAC Greatest Hits 2-page 20
FLEETWOOD MAC Greatest Hits 4-page 40 Warner Bros
FLEETWOOD MAC The Pious Bird Of Good Omen 6-page 65
FLEETWOOD MAC The Dance 4-page 20
FLEETWOOD MAC,HUMBLE PIE UA Itchycoo Park 4-page 10
FLIRTS Greatest Hits 4-page 30
FLOWER KING 2CD Paradox Hotel 28-page 110
FOO FIGHTERS One By One 4-page 30
FORCE MAJEURE Frozen Chambers 8-page 45 Фоно
FOREIGNER Foreigner 8-page 75
FOREIGNER Double Vision 8-page 65
FOREIGNER 4 8-page 65
FOREIGNER 2in1 Foreigner/Agent Provocateur 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
FOREIGNER 2in1 Foreigner/Agent Provocateur 4-page 45 СД-Максимум
FOREIGNER With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus 2018 75
FOREIGNER 2CD No End In Sight: The Very best Of Foreigner 4-page 50
FORTY DEUCE Nothing To Lose 6-page 30
FRAMES In Via 4-page 40
FRANCIS GOYA The Very Best Of 4-page 20
FRANF ZAPPA & MOTHERS OF INVENTION Absolutely Free Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap.book 140
FRANK ZAPPA Sheik Yerbouti (Official Realease #26) 20-page 55
FRANK ZAPPA Apostrophe (') 4-page 65
FRANK ZAPPA Waka/Jawaka 4-page 65
FRANK ZAPPA Just Another Band From L.A. (Official Realease #14) 8-page 55
FRANK ZAPPA Chunga's Revenge Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap.book 140
FRANK ZAPPA AND MOTHERS OF INVENTION One Size Fits All (Official Realease #20) 2-page+poster 65
FREDDIE MERCURY The Album 4-page 30
FREDDIE MERCURY 2in1 Mr.Bad Guy / Remixes 4-page 40
FREE 2in1 Free At Last/Heartbreaker 8-page 40
FREELIGHT Now 8-page 30
FRONTLINE Circles 12-page 45 Mazzar
GAE BOLG Mucassin Et Micolette 8-page 25 СД-Максимум
GAMMARAY 2in1 Heading For Tomorrow/Who Do You Think You 8-page 40
GAMMARAY Majestic 4-page 30
GANG OF FOUR 2in1 Hard/Solid Gold 4-page 75 Wounded Birds Records
GARBAGE Gold Collection 2000 4-page 20
GATHERING, THE Home 12-page 40
GAZPACHO March Of Ghostr 20-page 30
GEFF Land Of The Free 16-page 45 Irond
GEMINI FIVE Black Anthem 12-page 15
GENESIS Selling England By The Pound 6-page 65
GENESIS Selling England By The Pound minivinyl,OIS,jap.book 110
GEORGE HARRISON 2CD All Things Must Pass 8-page 120
GIORGIO MORODER Battlestar Galactica 4-page 65
GIRLSCHOOL Believe 8-page 60
GLENN HUGHES Different Stages The Best Of CD1 бп 10
GLORIA ESTEFAN Alura Caribena 4-page 15
GODIVA Call Me Under 666 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
GOLDEN EARRING Moontan 8-page 35
GOLDEN EARRING Prisoner Of The Night 8-page 45
GOLDEN FARM Angel's Tears 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
GONG 3CD Mp3 Collection 8-page 45
GOOD CHARLOTTE 20 Greatest Hits 4-page 15
GOOD CHARLOTTE Good Morning Revival 4-page 15
GORAN BREGOVIC Le Temps Des Gitans Kuduz 2-page 15
GORAN BREGOVIC Songbook 4-page 20 Ukrainian records
GOREFEST La Muerte 4-page 30
GOTHARD Firebirth 4-page 50
GOTHMINISTER Empire Of Dark Salvation 12-page 45 Irond
GOTYE Making Mirrors бп 10
GRAHAM BONNET 2CD-Set Graham Bonnet+No Bad Habits 16-page 110
GRAHAM BONNET Line-Up 12-page 60
GRAND FUNK All The Girls In The World Beware!!! minivinyl,OIS,miniposter,8-p book 140
GRAND FUNK Shinin' On (+2 bonus) 12-page 50
GRAND FUNK Survival (+5 bonus) 12-page 50
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD 2in1 Shinin' On/Mark Farner 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD On Time 12-page 50
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD E Pluribus Funk (+4 bonus) 12-page 60
GRAND PRIX Samurai 8-page 60
GRAND PRIX The First Album 6-page 30
GRAVE DIGGER The Last Supper 4-page 30
GREAT WHITE Elation 12-page 65
GREAT WHITE Twice Shy 12-page 50
GREEN DAY Awesome As F**k 20-page 40
GREEN DAY CD+DVD Bullet In A Bible minivinyl, GF 100
GREGORIAN Masters Of Chant Chapter II 4-page 30
GREGORIAN Master Of Chant 4-page 20
GREGORIAN Master Of Chant.Chapter II 4-page 20
GREGORIAN Master Of Chant.Chapter III 4-page 20
GREGORIAN Master Of Chant.Chapter V 4-page 20
GREGORIAN Masters Of Chant Cyapter II 4-page 30
GRETA VAN FLEET Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (201Cool 16-page 75
GRIFFIN The Slideshow 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
GRIFFIN Wasteland Serenades 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
GUILD OF AGES Citadel 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
GUILD OF AGES Vox Dominatas 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
GUNS N'ROSES Chinese Democracy 24-page 40
GUNS'N'ROSES Appetite For Destruction 12-page 70
GUNS'N'ROSES Use Your Illusion I 16-page 70
GUNS'N'ROSES Use Your Illusion II 16-page 70
GWAR Lust In Space 20-page 30
GZR Ohmwork 4-page 30
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HALFORD Crusuble 12-page 50
HANSON Live From Albertane 8-page 30
HANSON Live From Albertane 8-page 40
HARDCORE CIRCUS Wake Up Call 8-page 40
HARD-FI Stars Of CCTV 4-page 15
HATEBREED The Rise Of Brutality 12-page 40 Moon
HAUNTED, THE The Dead Eye 8-page 45 Century Media
HEADHUNTERS Return Of The Headhunters 8-page 60 Verve
HEADSTONE Epitaph 4-page 30
HEAT, THE Goldfinger 12-page 40
HEAVEN'N'HELL Slipping With Angels 12-page 45 Irond
HEED The Call 20-page 45 Mazzar
HELLOWEEN Pink Bubbles Go Ape 4-page 30
HELLOWEEN Rabbit Don't Come Easy 20-page 40
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys p.1 2-page 30
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Singles.Part II 12-page 65
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II 2-page 30
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Sevn Keys vol 1 & 2 4-page 40
HELLOWEEN The Time Of The Oath 20-page 40
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys. Rhe Legacy 16-page 55
HELLOWEEN Gambling With The Devil 20-page 55
HELMET Size Matters 8-page 40 Ukrainian records
HELREIDH Memories 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
HIBRIA Defying The Rules 12-page 45 Irond
HIGH OF FIRE Shakes For The Divine 8-page 45 Century Media
HIGH ON FIRE Snakes For The Divine 8-page 50
HIGHLORD The Death Of The Artists 16-page 45 Scarlet
HIM Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights 4-page 20
HOLLY DOLLY Pretty Donkey Girl 4-page 10
HORAKANE Eternal Infinity 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
HOUSE OF SHAKIRA Retoxed 12-page 45 Irond
HU, THE (sensation from Mongolia) The Gereg 2019 12-page 60
HUMAN RACE Dirt Eater 12-page+BOX 50 Арт-мюзик
HUMAN TEMPLE Insomnia 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
HUNTERS Night Shadow 8-page 45 Metalism
HURT Smile 8-page 45 Irond
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RE: продам CD / 19-05-2016 19:47
IAN ASHLEY HERSEY Nomad 6-page 30
IAN GILLAN Dreamcatcher 4-page 30
IAN GILLAN Cherkazoo And Other Stories 4-page 50
IAN GILLAN Gillan's Inn 8-page 40
IAN GILLAN & THE JAVELINS Ian Gillan & The Javelins 16-page 70
ICED EARTH Overture Of The Wicked 8-page 40
ICED EARTH 2in1 Horror Show/Tribute To The Gods 8-page 40
ILIUM Ageless Decay 16-page 30
ILL NINO Confession 4-page 25 Moon
IN EXTREMO Mein Rasend Herz 4-page 10
IN FLAMES Reroute To Remain 16-page 40
INMORIA Invivsible Wounds 16-page 40
INSPIRATIONAL SAX 24 Saxophone Greats 2-page 20
INTENSE As our army grows 12-page 45 Irond
IRON BUTTERFLY 2in1 Metamorphosis/Scorchimg Beauty 8-page 40
IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden 24-page 70
IRON MAIDEN Killers 24-page 75
IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast 4-page 30
IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast 4-page 40
IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind 24-page 75
IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind 4-page 45
IRON MAIDEN Powerslave 24-page 70
IRON MAIDEN Seventh Son Of Seventh Son 4-page 40
IRON MAIDEN 2CD Live After Death/The Number Of The Beast 12-page 70 СД-Максимум
IRON MAIDEN The Final Frontier 16-page 60
IRON MAIDEN Fear Of The Dark 24-page 75
IRON MAIDEN Dance Of Death + Bonus 4-page 30
IRON MASK Shadow Of The Red Baron 12-page 40 IFPI LW30
JACKAL IV 12-page 45 Pure Steel
JACKAL A Safe Look in Mirrors 8-page 20
JACOBS DREAM Drama Of The Ages 12-page 45 Фоно
JAMES LAST Plays Andrew Lloyd Webber 4-page 30
JAMES TAYLOR Before This World 8-page 30
JAMIROQUAI Dynamite 2-page 10
JANE'S ADDICTION Up From The Catacombs 4-page 35
JANET The Velvet Rope 4-page 10
JANET JACKSON All For You + Bonus 4-page 20
JANIS JOPLIN 2CD 4in2 Cheap Thrills/Kozmic Blues/Farewell Song/Pearl 4-page 60
JAY-Z Kingdom Come 12-page 10
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Oxygene 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Equinoxe 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Magnetic Fields 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Zoolook 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Rendez-Vouz 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Waiting For Cousteau 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Chronology 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Revolutions 8-page 75
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Equinoxe Infinity (201Cool 8-page 75
JEFF BECK Jeff 8-page 65
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Mp3 collection 2-p 20
JENNIFER LOPEZ Love? 12-page 30
JENNIFER LOPEZ Brave 8-page 40 Sony-BMG
JETHRO TULL 2CD Live.Bursting Out 12-page 50
JETHRO TULL Stand Up Japan minivinyl,GF,PICK-UP,jap.book 150
JETHRO TULL A Passion Play japan,OBI,12-p+jap book 65
JETHRO TULL Aqualung (25th Anniversary Edition) 4-page 40
JETHRO TULL Aqualung 12-page 65
JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF-газета,jap.book 145
JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick japan,OBI,12-p+jap book 65
JETHRO TULL This Was 8-page 35
JETHRO TULL Heavy Horses 4-page 40
JETHRO TULL Too Old To Rock'n'Roll Too Young To Die japan,OBI,12-p+jap book 65
JETHRO TULL A Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
JETHRO TULL Under Wraps 12-page 40
JETHRO TULL Under Wraps Japan minininyl,OBI,OIS,9-page book+jap.book
JETHRO TULL Benefit + 5 bonus track 4-page 30
JETHRO TULL The String Quartets 12-page 20
JIM MCCARTY&FRIENDS Live From Callahan's 4-page 50
JIMI HENDRIX Experiences 4-page 20
JIMI HENDRIX The Best 4-page 30 Ukrainian Distribution
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Are You Experienced minivinyl, 12-page 80
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Electric Ladyland 12-page 45
JJ GREY & MOFRO Ol' Glory бп 10
JK NORTHRUP Best Of. Play It On 11 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
JOB FOR A COWBOY Genesis 8-page 40
JOE BOMAMASSA Redemption (201Cool 20-page 75
JOE COCKER Gold 4-page 20
JOE COCKER Jamaica Say You Will 4-page 60
JOHANSSON The Last Viking 12-page 40
JOHN COGHLAN'S DIESEL (feat.Micky Moody,Rick Parfitt,Lemmy etc) 2 CD Flexible Friends 16-page 60
JOHN COLTRANE SACD A Love Supreme SACD Jawel-box 12-p 390 Impulse! USA
JOHN FOGERTY Déjà Vu 4-page 50
JOHN FOGERTY Eye Of The Zombe 4-page 40
JOHN LEE HOOKER Face To Face 4-page 30
JOHN LENNON Double Fantasy 4-page 30
JOHN LENNON Wonsaponatime 4-page 30
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO Milk And Honey 8-page 60
JOHN SCOFIELD Combo 66 (201Cool 8-page 75
JOHNNY LIMA Made In California 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
JON AND VANGELIS Short Stories 4-page 30
JON&VANGELIS Golden Collection 4-page 25
JORN Song For Ronnie James 12-page 65
JOSE FELICIANO The Best of 4-page 10
JUDAS PRIEST 2in 1 Killing Machine/Ram It Down 4-page 30
JUDAS PRIEST 2in1 Screaming For Venegance/Turbo 4-page 35 СД-Максимум
JUDAS PRIEST Angel Of Retribution 2-page 25
JUDAS PRIEST Sad Wings Of Destiny 4-page 35 СД-Максимум
JUDAS PRIEST Unleashed In The East 4-page 30
JUDAS PRIEST Firepower 8-page 75
JUDAS PRIEST 2CD Nostradamus 4-page 70
JULIO IGLESIAS Crazy 4-page 20
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KAMELOT Ghost Opera 24-page 60
KAMELOT Meths And Legends Of Kamelot 8-page 60
KAMELOT 2CD Poetry For Poisoned & Live From Wacken 24-page 90
KAMELOT Silver Thorn 20-page 60
KAMELOT The Black Halo 20-page 60
KAPEL MAISTER Into Salvation 12-page 45 Mystic Empire
KAYAK Kayak бп 10
KEANE Hopes And Fears 4-page 25 Moon
KELLY SIMON'S BLIND FAITH The Rule Of Right 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
KEN HENSLEY The Last Dance 4-page 40
KEN HENSLEY LIVE&FIRE Trouble 16-page 55
KENNY G, JOHNNY CASH The Best Of Country Music 2-page 10
KING CRIMSON Larks' Tongues In Aspic (40-Aniversary Edition) 8-page 65
KING CRIMSON Lizard (40th Anniversary Edition) 12-page 65
KING CRIMSON Islands 2-page 20
KING CRIMSON In The Wake Of Poseidon minivinyl,GF 60
KING CRIMSON In The Wake Of Poseidon Japan minivinyl, OBI,GF,sticker,12-p.book+jap.book,OIS 140
KING CRIMSON Larks' Tongues In Aspic (40 Anniversary Edition) 8-page 60
KING CRIMSON BLU-RAY AUDIO Larks' Tongues In Aspic 4-page 50
KING CRIMSON DVD-A Larks' Tongues In Aspic бп DVD-R 10
KING DIAMOND Abigail II: Revenge 4-page 40
KING DIAMOND The Puppet Master 4-page 40
KINGDOM COME Bad Image 4-page 30
KINGDOME COME Twilight Cruiser 16-page 65
KINGDOME COME In Your Face 4-page 30
KINGDOME COME In You Face 4-page 40 Ukrainian Records
KINGDOME COME Twilight Cruiser 4-page 30
KINKS Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround - Patr One 4-page 20
KINKS 2CD One For The Road 8-page 60
KISS Destroyer 6-page 65
KISS Destroyer Japan minivinyl,OBI,2xOIS,2xjap.book 130
KISS Dynasty Japan minivinyl,jap.book,miniposter 90
KISS Hotter Than Hell 4-page 30
KISS Music From The Elder 8-page 65
KISS Dressed To Kill Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap.book 120
KISS Love Gun Japan glass,OBI,4-p.book+jap.book 75
KISS Dynasty Japan glass,OBI,4-p.book+jap.book 75
KISS Rock'n'Roll Over 4-page 75
KISS Revenge 4-page 30
KISS Psycho-Circus 4-page 20
KISS,EVERDEAR,VAN HALEN etc Detroit Rock City OST 4-page 25
KNUCKLETRACKS 85 3 Inches Of Blood,Cradle Of Filth,Mnemic ua 4-page(без задника) 20
KOB Mekanism Of Time 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
KORGIS, THE Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime 2-page 30 Forever Gold
KORITNI No More Bets 4-page 30
KRAFTWERK The Man Machine 16-page 75
KREATOR Edorama 4-page 40
KROKUS Stampede 8-page 55
KRYPTERIA Bloodangel's Cry 16-page 40
LA BIONDA I Wanna Be Your Lover 8-page 50
LA BIONDA La Bionda (incl.Sandstorm) 8-page 60
LA MAFIA Exitos En Vivo 16-page 30
LABYRINTH Freeman 16-page 45 Irond
LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE The Grandiose Nowhere 16-page 45 Irond
LACRIMOSA Elodia 4-page 75
LACRIMOSA Stille 4-page 75
LACRIMOSA Inferno 4-page 75
LACRIMOSA Fassade 4-page 75
LACUNA COIL Unleashed Memories 4-page 30
LAID BACK Healing Feeling (2019) 4-page 70
LED ZEPPELIN I 4-page 70
LED ZEPPELIN I 4-page 20
LED ZEPPELIN II 4-page 65 Argentina
LED ZEPPELIN III Sealed(Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,rotary wheel,rivet,jap.book) 170
LED ZEPPELIN Presence 4-page 45
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door 4-page 45
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door 6-page 65 replica
LED ZEPPELIN Coda 4-page 45
LED ZEPPELIN 2CD Coda (2014) 16-page 110
LED ZEPPELIN 2CD In Through The Out Door (2014) 16-page 110
LED ZEPPELIN 2CD IV (2014) 16-page 110
LED ZEPPELIN 2CD Presence (2014) 16-page 110
LED ZEPPELIN 2in1 Jimmy Page Outriders / The Honey Drippers 4-page 30
LEGION Legion 4-page 20
LENINGRAD COWBOYS Zombie`s Paradise 4-page 20
LENNY KRAVITZ Raise Vibration (201Cool 12-page 75
LENNY WOLF'S GERMANY (KINGDOME COME) Lenny Wolf's Germany 4-page 40
LEPROUS Malina 16-page 65
LESIEM Lesiem 4-page 20
LESLIE WEST The Great Fatsby бп 10
LETZTE INSTANZ Heilig 8-page 45 Sony
LEVIN MIDEMANN RUDESS From The Law Offices Of 6-page 50
LIAM GALLAGHER As You Were 16-page 65
LIBERTY N'JUSTICE Soundtrack Of A Soul 12-page 45 Irond
LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY Greatest Hits incl.HIGH 6-page 30
LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY Postcards From Heaven incl.HIGH 4-page 30
LIMP BIZKIT Greatest Hits 4-page 10
LIMP BIZKIT Results May Very 6-page 30 Ukrainian Records
LINKIN PARK Minutes To Midnight 20-page 40
LINKIN PARK Meteora 4-page 40
LINKIN PARK Erection 4-page 40
LIPPS, INC. 4 4-page 40
LIPPS, INC. Pucker Up 6-page 40
LIPPS,INC. Designer Music 8-page 40
LUCA TURILLI King Of The Nordic Twilight 4-page 30
LUCA TURILLI Rhapsody 4-page 30
LULU The Best 4-page 30
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Second Helping 4-page 60
M.I.A. Matangi бп 10
MACHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA BetweenNothingness & Eternity.Live 4-page 60
MACHINE HEAD The Blackening 12-page 30
MACHINE HEAD Through The Ashes Of Empires 4-page 30 Moon
MACHINE HEAD The Burning Red 4-page 30 Moon
MACHINES OF GRACE Machines Of Grace 8-page 30
MACTATUS The Comlex Bewitchment 4-page 20
MADISON Best In Show 8-page 30
MADONNA CD+DVD I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DJ-pack tri-fold,16-p book 70
MADONNA Erotica 4-page 30
MADONNA Confessions on a dance floor 16-page 30
MADONNA MDNA 12-page 45
MAGELLAN Impending Ascention 4-page 20
MAGMA Ẁurdah Ïtah 12-page 50
MAGNUM The Valley Of Tears. The Ballads 2017 4-page 55
MAGNUM Brand New Morning 4-page 30
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Birds Of Fire minivinyl,OIS,12-p book 120
MALEOVENT CREATION Envenomed 4-page 30
MALEOVENT CREATION Envenomed 4-page 40
MAN Anachronism Tango 4-page 60
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND 2in1 Angel Station/Masque 4-page 25
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND 2in1 Manfred Mann's Earth Band/Somewhere In Africa 4-page 40 СД-Максимум
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Roaring Silence Japan minivinyl,OIS,8-p.book 100
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND The Good Earth 8-page 70
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND 2in1 Masque/Plain Music 4-page 30
MANITOU No Signs of Wisdom 12-page 45 Mazzar
MANITOU The Mad Moon Rising 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
MANOWAR Fighting The World 6-page 40
MANOWAR The Sons Of Odin. Immortal Edition 4-page 20
MANOWAR Gods Of War 24-page 65
MANOWAR Fighting The World 6-page 65
MANOWAR Kings Of Metal 12-page 65
MANOWAR Hail To England 12-page 65
MANOWAR 2in1Battle Hymns/Sighn Of The Hammer 12-page 40
MANOWAR Battle Hymn 4-page 30
MANOWAR Louder Than Hell 4-page 40
MARC BOLAN & T-REX Classic 4-page 40 Universal
MARCUS MILLER Laid Back (201Cool 4-page 75
MARIAH CAREY #1's 4-page 20
MARILLION B'Side Themselves 4-page 35
MARILYN MANSON Eat Me, Drink Me 16-page 35
MARILYN MANSON Heaven Upside Down 12-page 65
MARILYN MANSON This Is The New Shit 2-page 30
MARILYN MANSON & THE SPOOKY KIDS Dancing With The Antichrist 4-page 30
MARK KNOPFLER Salling To Philadelphia 4-page 45 Mercury
MARK KNOPFLER Golden Heart 4-page 30
MAROON 5 I Won't Be Soon Before Long. 16-page 40 Ukrainian Records
MARTY FRIEDMAN Tokyo Jukebox 4-page 40
MASTERPLAN Time To Be King 20-page 55
MEAT LOAF The Out Of The Hell Live (With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) 30 Ukrainian records
MEGADETH Dystopia 16-page 50
MEGADETH Contdown To Extinction 4-page 30
MEGAHERZ Himmelfahrt 4-page 20
MERCURY TIDE Why? 8-page 45 Mazzar
MESMERIZE Valtares Paradise 6-page 45 СД-Максимум
MESSIAH'S KISS Metal 12-page 45 Союз
METAL CHURCH Generation Nothing 4-page 30
METALLICA Kill 'Em All 8-page 65
METALLICA …And Justice For All 12-page 65
METALLICA Ride The Lightning minivinyl,GF 90
METALLICA Ride The Lightning 4-page 35
METALLICA St. Anger 4-page 30
METALLICA Metallica'91 12-page 70
METALLICA Death Magnetic Digi-pack, sealed 80
METALLICA …And Justice For All 8-page 70
METALLICA …And Justice For All 4-page 45
METALLICA Load 4-page 70
METALLICA Re-Load 4-page 70
METALLICA The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Revisited 4-page 75
METALLICA 2CD Hardwired… To Self Destruct 32-pge 80
METALLICA Some Kind Of Monster 4-page 60 Moon
MICHAEL JACKSON Invisible 4-page 30
MICK JAGGER Goddessinthedoorway 2-page 30 Comp Music
MICK TAYLOR A Stone's Throw 4-page 30
MICKEY3D Matador 4-page 15
MIKE + THE MECHANICS The Road 8-page 30
MIKE JAGGER She's The Boss Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,book+jap.book 90
MIKE OLDFIELD QE2 Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS, jap.book 120
MIKE OLDFIELD Tres Lunas 4-page 30
MIKE POZNER All Nights Alone бп 10
MIKE STERN, STEVE LUKATHER etc Visions Of An Inner Mounting Apocalypse - A Fusion Guitar Tribute бп 10 Ukrainian Records
MILES DAVIS Rubbarband 2019 4-page 65
MOBB DEEP Life of the Infamous: The Best of Mobb Deep 4-page 5
MODERN TALKING Yoy Are Not Alone 4-page 20
MODJO Modjo 4-page 20
MOLOTOV Apocalipshit 4-page 30
MONTROSE (FEAT.SEMMY HAGAR) Montrose'73 8-page 50
MOONSPELL Night Eternal 16-page 30
MOONSTONE PROJECT (FEAT.GLENN HUGHES) Rebel On The Run 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
MOTLEY CRUE Genaration Swine Japan minivinyl,16-p bookl+japan bookl 70
MOTORHEAD Another Perfect Day 4-page 30
MOTORHEAD Hammered 4-page 20
MOTORHEAD Inferno 4-page 40
MOUNTAIN Avalanche Japan glass,4-pook,2xjap.book,photo 50
MOUNTAIN Climbing Japan glass,4-pook,2xjap.book,photo 40
MR. PRESIDENT Night Club 4-page 20
Ms.DYNAMITE A Little Deeper 4-page 20 Ukrainian records
MUSE Simulation Theory (201Cool 16-page 75
MUSE Showbiz (+3 bonus) 4-page 30
MY DYING BRIDE The Dreadfull Hour 4-page 30
MY DYING BRIDE Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light 16-page 65 Moon
MY DYING BRIDE The Dreadful Hours 4-page 30 Moon
MYSTIC PROPHECY Satanic Curses 20-page 45 Mazzar
MYSTIC PROPHECY Savage Souls 20-page 45 Mazzar
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RE: продам CD / 25-05-2016 19:32
NANA Father 4-page 20
NAPALM DEATH Leaders Not Follower's Part 2 4-page 75
NATE JONESS Kingdom Falls 8-page 60 Magic Records. Poland
NAZARETH 2 in1 Expect No Mercy/The Catch 8-page 40 СД-Максимум
NAZARETH 2 in1 Nazareth/Close Enough For Rock'n'Roll 4-page 40 СД-Максимум
NAZARETH 2 in1 No Mean City/Cinema 8-page 40 СД-Максимум
NAZARETH 2 in1 Rampant/Play'n'The Game 8-page 40 СД-Максимум
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog (30th Anniversary Edition) 8-page 70
NAZARETH The Encore Collection 2-page 90 BMG
NAZARETH Homecoming 8-page 40
NAZARETH 2XS 4-page 40
NEKTAR A Sponful Of Time 8-page 60
NEUROSIS Honor Found In Decay 16-page 60
NIGHTMARE Cosmovision 12-page 50 Irond
NIGHTMARE Insurrection 12-page 50 AFM
NIGHTRAGE A New Disease Is Born 10-page 40
NIGHTWISH Dark Passion Play 4-page 40
NIRVANA Nevermind Jewel-box,8-page 190 DGC, USA
NOCTURNAL RITES Shadowland 8-page 45 MYST
NOEL GALLAGHER'S High Flying Birds 12-page 30
OAKENFOLD Bunkka sealed 20
OFFSPRING Ignition 8-page 30
OFFSPRING Splinter 2-page 20
OMNIUM GATHERIUM Beyond 12-page 40
ONE MAN ARMY 21th Century Killing Machine 16-page 40
OPETH,ENTOMBED UA Liquid Music for Liquid Peqple 6-page 20
OZRIC TENTACLES 2CD Technicals Of The Sacred 4-page 60
OZZY OSBOURNE Ozzmosis 4-page 25
OZZY OSBOURNE Diary Of Madman 24-page 75
OZZY OSBOURNE Down To Earth 4-page 40
OZZY OSBOURNE Ozzy Live бп 20
OZZY OSBOURNE Bark At The Moon 4-page 40
OZZY OSBOURNE No More Tears 4-page 40
OZZY OSBOURNE No Rest For The Wicked 4-page 40
OZZY OSBOURNE Blizzard Of Ozz 8-page 60
OZZY OSBOURNE Diary Of Madman 6-page 60
OZZY OSBOURNE Under Cover (+4 bonus) 6-page 60
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RE: продам CD / 28-05-2016 20:54
PANTERA Reinventing The Steel 4-page 30
PAPA ROACH Getting Away With Murder 4-page 30
PAPA ROACH Infest 8-page 25 Ukrainian Records
PARADISE LOST Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us 12-page 40
PARADISE LOST In Requiem 12-page 45 Century Media
PARADISE LOST Tragic Idol 16-page 30
PAT TRAVERS Just A Touch 4-page 40
PATRICK MORAZ (YES) Out In The Sun Japan minivinyl,OIS,japan bookl 70
PATRICK MORAZ (YES) Patrick Moraz Japan minivinyl,OIS,japan bookl,miniposter 90
PATRICK MORAZ (YES) Story Of Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,japan bookl 70
PAUL DIANNO The Livig Dead 8-page 40
PAUL MCCARTNEY London Town 4-page 25
PAUL MCCARTNEY McCartney II 4-page 25
PAUL MCCARTNEY Tug Of War (Paul McCartney Collection.Remasters) 16-page 65
PAUL MCCARTNEY Venus And Mars (Paul McCartney Collection.Remasters) 16-page 65
PAUL MCCARTNEY Egypt Sration (201Cool 12-page 75
PAUL McCARTNEY Run Devil Run 4-page 40
PAUL MCCARTNEY Flaming Pie 16-page 45
PAUL MCCARTNEY New 20-page 55
PAUL MCCARTNEY Pipes Of Peace 16-page 45
PAUL MCCARTNEY&WINGS Band On The Run minivinyl,OIS,miniposter 90
PER GESSLE (EX-ROXETTE) The World According To Gessle 4-page 20
PETER GABRIEL Passion Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,16-p.book+jap.book 120
PETER GABRIEL So Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,8-pbook+jap.book 140
PETER GABRIEL 1st Album 12-page 45
PETER GABRIEL III minivinyl, GF,OIS,12-p book 140
PETER GABRIEL 3 minivinyl, GF, OIS, 12-p.book 120
PETER GABRIEL Collection 4-page 20
PETER GABRIEL II minivinyl,GF,OIS12-p.book 110
PETER GREEN Whatcha Gonna Do 4-page 40
PETER MALICK GROUP feat.NORA JONES Chance & Circumstance 8-page 30
PHIL COLLINS Super Instrumental.The Best 4-page 20
PHIL COLLINS Testify 4-page 30
PINK I'm Not Dead 4-page 30
PINK FLOYD The Piper At The Gates Of Down (2011) 12-page 65
PINK FLOYD A Saucerful Of Secret 12-page 60
PINK FLOYD Music From The Film More 4-page 30
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon Japan mivivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap.book,4-p book,4 x stickers,2 x posters 180
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon 12-page 70
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here sealed 350 Columbia CK 68522
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here minivinyl,OIS,12-p.book 100
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here 8-page 45
PINK FLOYD Animals 20-page,без задника 190 Columbia,USA
PINK FLOYD 2CD The Wall Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,2 x OIS 140
PINK FLOYD 2CD The Wall 24-page 110
PINK FLOYD Meddle 16-page 75
PINK FLOYD The Final Cut 12-page 75
PINK FLOYD Atom Heart Mother 12-page 75
PINK FLOYD Obscured By Clouds 8-page,hologram Sony-BMG 75
PINK FLOYD Meddle 8-page,hologram Sony-BMG 75
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here 16-page 65
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon 4-page 25
PJ HARVEY Pure 4-page 35 Ukranian Rec
PJ HARVEY Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea 4-page 35 Universal Ukr
PLANS Death Cab For Cutie 4-page 15
POGUES, THE Mp3 collection 2-p 20
POISON SUN Virtual Sin 12-page 45 Irond
POLICE Outlandos d'Amour Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,insert,jap.book 110
PORCUPINE TREE On The Sunday Of Life бп 20
PRINCE Planet Earth 4-page 20
PRINCE The Rainbow Children 4-page 20
PRINCE Emancipation 4-page 30
PROCOL HARUM Broken Barricades (+4 bonus track) 20-page 55
PROCOL HARUM Butterfly Boys 4-page 30
PROCOL HARUM Procol's Ninth minivinyl,OIS 90
PROCOL HARUM Something Magic minivinyl, OIS, 24-p book 150
PROCOL HARUM Shine On Brightly minivinyl, OIS, 24-p book, japan book 150
PROCOL HARUM Procols Ninth 24-page 50
PROCOL HARUM A Salty Dog minivinyl,OIS,4-p book 90
PRODIGY No Tourists (201Cool 12-page 60
PRO-PAIN Prophets Of Doom 4-page 30
PURE INC. A New Day's Dawn 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
PURE INC. Parasites And Worms 8-page 45 Союз-Мьюзик
PURE INC. Pure inc. 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
QUEEN 2 in 1 News In The World/The Miracle 12-page 40 СД-Максимум
QUEEN 2 in 1 The Game/Hot Space 8-page 40 СД-Максимум
QUEEN 2in1 A Night At The Opera/The Works 12-page 40 СД-Максимум
QUEEN 2in1 Live Killers/Made In Heaven 4-page 40 СД-Максимум
QUEEN Shear Heart Attack (2011 remaster) 12-page 70
QUEEN A Night At The Opera 12-page 30
QUEEN A Night t The Opera Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap.book 120
QUEEN A Night t The Opera Sealed(Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap.book) 130
QUEEN A Day At The Races 12-page 60
QUEEN News Of The World Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,2 x jap.book 110
QUEEN Jazz 12-page 65
QUEEN The Game 12-page 75
QUEEN The Works 8-page 75
QUEEN The Miracle 8-page 75
QUEEN Innuendo Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 150
QUEEN Made In Heaven (2011 remaster) 12-page 70
QUEEN Sheer Heart Attack 8-page 50
QUEEN A Day At The Races Japan minininyl,OBI,GF,OIS,12-p book 140
QUEEN Hot Space 4-page 20
QUEEN,D.BOWIE,OASIS,ETC Music Of the Millenium 4-page 20 EMI
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Lullabies to Paralyze 4-page 20
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Villains 4-page 65
RADIOHEAD The King Of Limbs 4-page 25
RADIOHEAD In Rainbows 12-page 30
RAGE XIII 4-page 25
RAINBOW Down To Earth Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,6-p book,jap.book 90
RAINBOW Straight Between The Eyes Japan minivinylOBI,OIS,4-p.book+jap.book 120
RAINBOW Difficult To Cure Japan minivinylOBI,OIS,jap.book 120
RASMUS Rasmus 4-page 40 Moon
RASMUS, THE Dark Matters 16-page 50
RAVEL Bolero 4-page 30
RAY CHARLES Genius Love Company 4-page 30
RAZOR BALL Razor Ball 4-page 45 Irond
RED HOT CHILLY PEPPER 2CD Stadium Arcadium 24-page 60
RED HOT CHILLY PEPPERS Californiacation 4-page 40
RED HOT CHILLY PEPPERS Music History 4-page 20
REIGN OF TERROR Conquer Of Divide 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
RELAX MUSIC Уединение в горах 4-page 10
RELAX MUSIC Прикосновение к тишине 4-page 10
RELAX MUSIC Ветер океанских волн 4-page 10
REVEREND Reverend 4-page 30
RICHARD SANDERSON Reality 4-page 30
RICHIE ZITO PROJECT, THE Avalon 12-page 45 Irond
RICK DERRINGER Guitars And Women 4-page 20
RICK WAKEMAN 2in1 No Early Connection/Lisztomania 4-page 30
RICK WAKEMAN Criminal Record Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
RICK WAKEMAN G'olé! Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap.book 110
RICK WAKEMAN King John And The Magna Charter 4-page 30
RICK WAKEMAN Lishtomania Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
RICK WAKEMAN No Eartly Connection Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
RICK WAKEMAN 2in1 Journey To The Centre Of Earth/Criminal Records 4-page 45 СД-Максимум
RICK WAKEMAN 2in1 The Six Waves Of Henry VIII 4-page 45 СД-Максимум
RICK WRIGHT Broken China 12-page 75
RIGHTEUS BROTHERS, THE The Very Best 2-page 20 Verve
RIHANNA Unapologetic 16-page 30
RING, THE Tales From Midgard 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
RINGO 2012 6-page 60
RINGO STARR Choose Love 4-page 30
RINGO STARR Give More Love 4-page 65
RINGO STARR Ringorama 4-page 30
RINGO STARR Ringo 2012 6-page 40
ROBBIE WILLIAMS Escapology 6-page 25
ROBERT PLANT Fate The Nations бп 10
ROBERT PLANT Now And Zen 4-page 25
ROBERT PLANT Now And Zen Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 110
ROBERT PLANT Dreamland 4-page 30
ROBIN BECK Do You Miss Me 12-page 45 Irond
ROBIN TROWER Coming Closer To The Day (2019) 4-page 60
ROCK'N'ROLL FAVORITES Carl Perkins,Chuck Berry ua 4-page 20
ROD STEWART Atlantic Crossing 4-page 40
ROD STEWART Out Of Order Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS, jap.book 100
ROD STEWART 2in1 Out Of Order/Lead Vocalist part 1 4-page 30
ROGER GLOVER Snapshot 4-page 40
ROGER WATERS Radio K.A.O.S 4-page 30
ROGER WHITTAKER Songs Of Love & Life 4-page 30
ROLLING STONES Tatoo You 4-page 65
ROLLING STONES Dirty Work 12-page 65
ROLLING STONES Let It Bleed 12-page 60
ROLLING STONES December's Children Japan minivinyl,OIS,jap.book 90
ROLLING STONES Single Collection.The London Years 4-page 30
ROLLING STONES Some Girls Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS, jap.book 120
ROLLING STONES 2CD Hot Rocks Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap.book 190
ROLLING STONES 2CD More Hot Rocks Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap.book 190
ROLLING STONES Big Hits Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap.book 160
ROLLING STONES Metamorphosis (Sealed) Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 180
ROLLING STONES Made In The Shades Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 160
ROLLING STONES Goats Heads Soup 8-page 60
ROLLING STONES Under Cover 8-page 60
RONNIE MUNROE The Fire Within 12-page 45 Irond
RORY BLOCK Blues Walkin' Like A Man бп 45 Irond
ROSS THE BOSS Hallstorm 16-page 40
ROULETTE Now! 12-page 60
ROXETTE Good Karma 16-page 55
ROXETTE Travelling 16-page 60
RPWL Tales From Outer Space 16-page 65
RUNNING WILD Running Wild (Victory ) 4-page 30
RUSH 2112 minivinyl,OIS,4-p book 100
RUSH Caress Of Steel minivinyl,OIS 90
RUSH Couterparts minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 100
RUSH Fly By Night minivinyl,OIS 100
RUSH Hemispheres minivinyl,OIS,4-p book 100
RUSH Presto minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 100
RUSH Rush minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 90
RUSH Signals minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 100
RUSH Snakes&Arrows Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,24-p book+jap.book 120
RUSH Working Man. Tribute to Rush 6-page 30
RUSSEN SOUL 4-page 10
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SADE Promise 8-page 150 Epic 465575 2
SAFE HEAVEN Safe Heaven 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
SAFRI DUO Episode II 4-page 30 Ukrainian distribution
SALIVA Survival Of The Sickest 4-page 30
SAMAEL Eternal 4-page 30
SAMANTA FISH Black Wind Howlin бп 5
SANDRA The Art Of Love 12-page 30
SANTANA The Very Best 4-page 20
SARA BRIGHTMAN 2CD Greatest Hits 4-page 30
SARAH CONNOR Nauhty But Nice 4-page 20
SARAH McLACHLAN Shine On 4-page 30
SARAH MCLAGHLAN Afterglow 4-page 30
SAVAGE CIRCUS Drreamland Manor 12-page 50 Союз
SAVAGE GARDEN Greatest Hits 4-page 20
SAVAGE GARDEN Affirmation 4-page 20
SCORPIONS Virgin Killer Japan minivinyl,jap.book 90
SCORPIONS Virgin Killer (blu-spec CD) Japan minivinyl,OBI,2xbook 150
SCORPIONS Eye To Eye 4-page 40
SCORPIONS Moment Of Glory(with Berliner Harmoniker Orchestra) 4-page 50
SCORPIONS Lovedrive 6-page 75
SCORPIONS Blackout 8-page 75
SCOTCH Disco Band.The best Of (extra long play CD) 4-page 75
SEBASTIEN Tears Of White Roses 20-page 40
SECRET SPHERE A Time Never Come 4-page 30
SEPULTURA Roots 4-page 30
SEPULTURA Nation 4-page 30
SEPULTURA Beneath The Remain 4-page 30
SEPULTURA Revolusongs 4-page 30
SEPULTURA Roorback 4-page 30
SERJ TANKIAN Elect The Dead 16-page 45
SERJ TANKIAN Elect The Dead 16-page 40
SEVEN WITCHES Xiled To Infinyty And One 12-page 45 Союз
SEX PISTOLS 2CD Platinum Collection 2xCD Jewel+Box 290 Weton-Wesgram ‎– PC248
SHADRANE Temporal 20-page 45 Irond
SHAMANS HARVEST Red Hands Black Deeds бп 10
SHERYL CROW C'mon, c'mon 4-page 20
SHIVAREE Rough Dreams бп 10
SHYLOCK Rock Buster 16-page 45 Irond
SHYLOCK Welcome to illusion 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
SINEAD O'CONNOR So Far…The Best Of 4-page 15
SIX FEET UNDER Graveyard Classics 2 4-page 75 Metal Blade Records ‎– 3984-14496-2
SKID ROW Revolutions Per Minute 16-page 60
SKID ROW Thickskin 10-page 50
SKINNY PUPPY Mythmaker 4-page 15
SLADE 2in1 Nobody's Fools/Till Deaf Do Us Part 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE 2in1 Play It Loud/Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE 2in1 Return To Base/The Amazing Camicadze Syndrome 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE 2in1 Slade Alive!/Slade Alive 2 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE 2in1 Sladest/We'll Bring The House Down 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE 2in1 Slayed?/Rogues Gallery 4-page 40 CD-Maximum
SLADE Play It Loud 4-page 30
SLADE Slayed? 4-page 20
SLADE Slayed? minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 90
SLADE Slayed? 4-page 30
SLADE The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome 4-page 30
SLADE Nobody's Fools Japan miniviny,OIS, jap.book 120
SLADE Slayed? Japan miniviny,OBI, jap.book 120
SLADE We'll Bring The House Down 4-page 30
SLADE In Flame 6-page 30 Ukrainian records
SLADE In Flame 2-page 20
SLADE Keep On Rockin! 4-page 30
SLASH Slash'2010 8-page 50
SLAYER Season In The Abyss 16-page 55
SLAYER Reighn In Blood 12-page 40
SLAYER Seasons In The Abyss 8-page 65 Ukranian records
SLAYER Christ Illusion 16-page 40
SLAYER South Of Heaven 4-page 35
SLIPKNOT All Hope Is Gone DJ-pack 80
SLIPKNOT We Are Not Your Kind (2019) 20-page 70
SMASHING PUMPKINS, THE Oceania 16-page 40
SMOKEY Changing All The Time Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 140
SMOKEY Pass It Around Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 120
SMOKIE 2in1 Bright Light&Back Alleys/Stranger In Paradise 55 СД-Максимум
SMOKIE Wild Horses 4-page 30
SMOKIE 2in1 Solid Ground/The Growing Years 4-page 30
SMOKIE Bright Lights & Back Alleys 12-page 60
SMOKIE Midnight Delight 8-page 65
SNAKEGOD Inuitation 12-page 45 ART-music
SOLFLY Dark Ages 4-page 30
SORA Demented Honour 8-page 45 Irond
SORA Desire And Truth 12-page 40
SOUL SIRKUS (feat.JEFF SCOTT SOTO, MARCO MENDOZA etc) World Play 20-page 50 Irond
SOULLESS Forever Defiant 12-page 45
SOULLESS Agony's Lament 12-page 45
SPACE Magic Fly Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 100
SPACE The Very Best 4-page 20
SPAGNA You Are My Energy бп 10
SPARKS 2 in 1 Balls/Propaganda 4-page 30
SPICE GIRLS 2CD Remix-KaraokeCD 16-page 20
SPICE GIRLS Best Of 4-page 20
STAIND 2011 8-page 30 Roadrunner
STATE OF MIND Memory Lane 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
STATUS QUO Rockin All Over The World Japan minivinyl,OIS,jap.book 90
STEELY DAN Countdown To Ecstasy Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 80
STEELY DAN Countdown To Ecstasy Japan minivinyl,OBI, jap.book 90
STEELY DAN Gaucho japan glass,OBI,4-p book,japan book 65
STEPPENWOLF Mp3 collection 2-p 20
STEREO TOTAL Do the Bambi 4-page 5
STEREOPHONICS You Gotta Go There To Come Back 16-page 75 V2 Music Limited
STERIOGRAM Shmack 4-page 10
STEVE HACKETT Please, Don't Touch! Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,book+Jap.book 100
STEVE HACKETT Spectral Mornings Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,Jap.book 100
STEVE HACKETT Voyage Of Alcolyte Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,Jap.book 110
STEVE HACKETT Cured Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 110
STEVE MILLER BAND 2CD+DVD Fly Like An Eagle minivinyl-tri-fold,3xOIS 110
STEVE VAI 8-page 30
STEWIE WONDER Collection 4-page 20
STING & POLICE The Best 4-page 20
STONE LAKE World Entry 12-page 45 Mazzar
STRANGLERS Black And White Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap-book 90
STRANGLERS No More Heroes Japan minivinyl,OBI,jap.book 90
STRATOVARIUS Elements Pt.1 4-page 25
STRATOVARIUS Elements pt.2 4-page 25
STRATOVARIUS Infinite 4-page 25
STRAWBS From The Witchwood Japan minivinyl,GF,OIS,jap book 90
STRAWBS Hero And Heroine minivinyl,OIS,8-p book 90
STUART REDD Dreams To Reality 4-page 65
STYGMA V Hell Within 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
STYX Man Of Miracles 8-page 60
STYX Cornerstone 4-page 60 Ukranian records
STYX Paradise Theatre 4-page 60 Ukranian records
STYX Pieces Of Eight 4-page 60 USA IFPI L328
SUM 41 Bloody Murder 8-page 20
SUM 41 Underclass Hero 4-page 15
SUPERMAX Don't Stop The Music 4-page 75
SUPERMAX Fly With Me 4-page 75
SUPERMAX Types Of Skin 4-page 75
SUPERMAX Meets Almighty 4-page 45
SUPERMAX World Of Tomorrow 4-page 45
SUPERMAX Don't Stop The Music (+3 bonus) 4-page 30
SUPERTRAMP Crime Of The Century 4-page 40
SUZI QUATRO If You Knew Suzi 12-page 40
SWEET Collection 4-page 25
SWEET Level Headed 8-page 65
SWEET Desolation Boulevard Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap.book 110
SWEET Level Headed 8-page 65
SWEET, THE Hits 8-page 40
SYMPHORCE Become Death 16-page 45 Фоно
SYMPHORCE Goodsped 16-page 45 Фоно
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Hypnotise бп 10
T.REX Bolan Boogie 4-page 40
TALON Talon 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
TANGENT, THE The Music That Died Alone 4-page 40
TANGERINE DREAM Particles 4-page 65
TANKARD Volume 14 16-page 45 AFM
TARANTULA Dream Maker 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
TARANTULA Light Beyond the Dark 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
TARAXACUM Rainmaker 12-page 45 Арт-Мюзик
TEN Babylon 4-page 30
TEN YEARS AFTER Watt 4-page 40
TEN YEARS AFTER Ssssh 4-page 40
TEQUILAJAZZ Mp3 collection 2-p 20
THALAMUS Beneath a Dying Sun 8-page 40
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY Assembly 4-page 40
THIN LIZZY Johnny The Fox Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 90
THOM YORKE (ex-RADIOHEAD) The Eraser 4-page 25
THOMSEN Let's Get Ruthless 12-page 45 BRS
THORN.ELEVEN A Different View 8-page 45 Союз
THUNDER STORM Nero Enigma 12-page 45 Dragonheart
THUNDERBOLT Love and distraction 16-page 45 Mazzar
TIAMAT Judas Christ 4-page 30
TIAMAT Commandments - An Anthology 12-page 35
TIESTO Elements Of Life 16-page+box 30
TIM FEEHAN Tracks I Forgot About 4-page 40 СД-Максимум
TIM RIPPER OWENS Play My Game 12-page 45 SPV
TINA TURNER Best Ballads 4-page 20
TINA TURNER Wildest Dreams 16-page 60
TINA TURNER 2CD Live In Europe 36-page 120 Capitol
TING THINGS, THE We Started Nothing 4-page 15
TO/DIE/FOR All Eternity 8-page 45 Фоно
TO/DIE/FOR Epilogue 8-page 45 Фоно
TO/DIE/FOR IV 8-page 45 Фоно
TO/DIE/FOR Jaded 8-page 45 Фоно
TO/DIE/FOR Wounds Wide Open 8-page 45 Фоно
TO/DIE/FOR IV 8-page 40
TOKEN Punch 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
TOKEN Tomorrowland 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
TOKIO HOTEL Zimmer 483 2-page 20 Юниверсал-мюзик
TOMMY BOLIN Whips And Roses 24-page 50 Moon
TONI BRAXTON The Heat 4-page 20
TONY BRAXTON Libra 12-page 30
TONY O'HORA Escape Into The Sun 12-page 45 Mazzar
TRAFFIC Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,2xjap.book 110
TRAFFIC The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (SHM-CD) Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,2 x jap.book 100
TRAFFIC Traffic (SHM-CD) Japan minivinyl,OBI,GF,OIS,jap book,3xbook,sticker 110
TRAGEDIAN Dreamscape 6-page 45 Irond
TREAT Dreamhunter 8-page 40
TRIBUZY Execution 16-page 45 Irond
TRICK OR TREAT Tin Soldiers 12-page 45
TRICKY A Ruff Guide 4-page 30
TRICKY A Ruff Guide 4-page 30
TRISTANIA Illumination 2-page 20
TRISTANIA Beyond The Veil 4-page 30
TRISTANIA Window's Weeds 4-page 30
TRUSTWORKS Trustworks 4-page 40
TRUTH Macine 4-page 30
TRYING, DIE Trying, Die 8-page 40
TWILIGHNING Bedlam 4-page 45 Фоно
TWILIGHNING Plague-house puppet show 12-page 45 Фоно
TWILIGHNING Swinelords 8-page 45 Spinefarm
TWISTED SISTER A Teisted Christmas 4-page 30
TWISTED SISTER 2in1 Your Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll/Stay Hungry 4-page 30
TWISTED SISTER Love Is For Suckers 8-page 45
TWO FIRES Ignition 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
TÝR By The Light Of The Northern Star 12-page 45 Irond
TÝR Eric The Red 16-page 45 Irond
TÝR How Far To Asgaard 16-page 45 Irond
TÝR Land 20-page 45 Irond
TÝR Ragnarock 16-page 45 Irond
TYRAN PACE Watching You 4-page 20
TYRANT EYES The Darkest Hour 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind 20-page+box+postcard+sticker 150 Island Records ‎– 548095-2
U2 CD+DVD 18 singles (CD) / Live From Milan (DVD) DG-pack with 2 tray,32-page book 220
U2 The Joshua Tree 4-page 30
U2 How To Dismante An Atomic Bomb 4-page 65 Ukranian records
U2 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 4-page 15
UDO Holy 4-page 30
UDO Man And Machine 4-page 30
UDO No Limits 4-page 30
UDO Faceless World 4-page 40 Moon
UDO Nailed To Metal (The Missing Tracks) 4-page 40 Moon
UDO Mean Machine 4-page 40 Moon
UK Danger Money Japan minivinyl,OIS,jap.book 120
ULI JON ROTH Under A Dark Sky 4-page 30
ULTIMATE R&B 2CD 2007 4-page 20
ULTIMATE R&B LOVE 2CD 2008 4-page 20
ULTRAVOX Vienna minivinyl,OIS 80
UNLEASHED Odalheim 20-page 40
UNREST Watch out 4-page 40
URBAN TALE Signs Of Times 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
URBANE, THE Glitter 16-page 45 Союз
URIAH HEEP …Very 'Eavy…Vey 'Umbly 4-page 30
URIAH HEEP 2 in1 Very 'Eavy…Very 'Umble/Wonderworld 8-page 40 СД-Максимум
URIAH HEEP The Best Of 4-page 20
URIAH HEEP Wake The Sleeper 20-page 50
URIAH HEEP CD+DVD Live-73 DG-pack 2 trays 90
URIAH HEEP Salisbury (+7 bonus) 20-page 75
URIAH HEEP Look At Yourself (+8 bonus) 20-page 75
URIAH HEEP Retutn To Fantasy (+7 bonus) 12-page 75
URIAH HEEP Abominog 4-page 40
URIAH HEEP The Magician's Birthday (rms+8 bonus) 20-page 75
URIAH HEEP Demons And Wizards (rms+5 bonus) 16-page 75
URIAH HEEP 2CD …Very 'eavy, Very 'umble (2106 Remaster + Altermative Mix on CD2) 20-page 150
URIAH HEEP 2CD Salisbury (2106 Remaster + Alternative Mix on CD2) 150
URIAH HEEP 2CD Look At Yourself (2107 Remaster + Alternative Mix on CD2) 150
URIAH HEEP 2CD The Magician's Birthday (2107 Remaster + Alternative Mix on CD2) 150
URIAH HEEP 2CD Demons And Wizards (2107 Remaster + Alternative Mix on CD2) 150
URIAH HEEP Demons And Wizards 6-page 45
URIAH HEEP Look At Yourself (без диска) minivinyl sleeve, OIS, miniposter 30
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VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR World Record 16-page 65
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Still Life 16-page 65
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Pawn Hearts 16-page 65
VAN HALEN A Different Kind Of Truth 14-page,hologramm 60 Universal-Russia
VAN HALEN A Different Kind Of Truth 12-page 40
VAN HALEN 2in1 Diver Down/For Unloawfull Knowlege 4-page 30
VAN HALEN For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 8-page 60
VANDEN PLAS Chrinicles Of The Immortals - Netherworld II 12-page 50
VANESSA PARADIS Divinidille 16-page 30
VANGELIS Rosetta 8-page 45
VANGELIS Themes 4-page 20
VANGELIS Albedo 0.39 Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 120
VANGELIS Chariots Of Fire 4-page 40
VANIZE Highproof 4-page 30
VARIOUS Golden Saxophone 2-p 20
VENDETTA Heretic Nation 12-page 45 Lion Music
VENDETTA Tyrany Of Minority 12-page 45 Irond
VENGEANCE Back From Flight 19 12-page 60
VENGEANCE Piece Of Cake 12-page 45
VENGEANCE Same/Same…But Different 16-page 45 Irond
VENGEANCE The Last Of The Fallen Heroes 12-page 60
VENOM Black Metal 12-page 45
VENOM Metal Black 16-page 40
VIRGIN STEELE Visions Of Eden 12-page 40 Moon
VIRON Ferrum Gravis 12-page 45 Irond
VIRTUOCITY Northern Twilight Symphony 8-page 45 Фоно
VIRTUOCITY Secret Visions 8-page 45 Фоно
VISCERALL BLEEDING Absorbing The Disarray 16-page 40
VOICE Golden Signs 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
VOICE Prediction 8-page 45 СД-Максимум
VOICE Soulhunter 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
VOIVOD Katorz 16-page 45 Irond
VOODOOLAND Gime Me Air 8-page 40
WALTER BRECKER 11 Track Of Whack 8-page 15
WARLOCK Hellbound 4-page 30
WASP Dying For The World 8-page 50
WASP The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise 4-page 40
WASP Dying For The World 8-page 40
WEEKND,THE Kiss Land 4-page 5
WESTLIFE Coast To Coast 4-page 20
WHITESNAKE Whitesnake minivinyl,OIS,4-p book 90
WHITESNAKE Whitesnake 87 8-page 65
WHITESNAKE Love Hunter 4-page 30
WHITESNAKE Live… In The Heart Of The City бп 20
WINGS Back To The Egg 4-page 30
WINGS At The Speed Of Sound Japan minivinyl,OBI,OIS,jap.book 120
WINTER PARADE Midnight In Paradise 12-page 45 СД-Максимум
WISDOM CALL Wisdom call 8-page 45 Mazzar
WOLF Ravenous 12-page 40
WORLD TRADE Unify бп 10
WYCLEF JEAN Carnival Vol.II 8-page,hologram Sony-BMG 60 Мейджорс-М'юзік
YES 90125 4-page 30
YES Close To Rhe Edge 8-page 55
YES Relayer 4-page 40
YES Highlights.The Very Best Of Yes 8-page+sticker 90 Atlantic - USA
YES The Ladder 4-page 40
YES Fly From Here - Return Trip 12-page 55
YES Open Your Eyes 4-page 30
YES The Ladder 12-pafe 55
YNGWIE JOHANN MALMSTEEN Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar and Orchestra In E Flat Minor op.1 4-page 40
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Angels Of Love 4-page 30
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Fire & Ice 4-page 30
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Rising Force'99 4-page 30
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN High Impact 4-page 40
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN New Collection 4-page 20
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Rising Force'84 4-page 30
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Marching Out 4-page 40
ZAC BROWN BAND Jekyll + Hyde 16-page 55
ZILLATRON Lord Of The Harvest 4-page 30
ZILLION Zillion 16-page 45 СД-Максимум
ZUCCHERO Sugar Fornaciari's 4-page 40 Ukrainian distribution
ZUCCHERO Shake 6-page 40 Ukrainian records
ZYKLON Disintegrate 12-page 30
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RE: продам CD / 09-06-2016 19:49
АГАТА КРИСТИ Опиум 4-page 30
АНДРЕЙ МАКАРЕВИЧ Лучшие песни ч.2 4-page 40
АРИЯ,МАСТЕР,ЧЕРНЫЙ ОБЕЛИСК и др Метал-Опера "Эльфийская рукопись" 4-page 40 Moon
БРАТИ ГАДЮКІНИ Було не любити 4-page print 60
В.В. Звездная Серия 4-page 40
ВАЛЕРИЙ МЕЛАДЗЕ Последний романтик 4-page 20
ВАЛЕРИЙ СЮТКИН То, что надо 4-page 30
ВАЛЕРИЯ Глаза цвета неба 4-page 10
ВАСИЛЬ МЕЛЬНИКОВИЧ Гуцул-Хуліган 4-page 60 6 Секунд
ВВ Лучшее 2-page 20
ВВ Музіка 4-page дог S.B.A./GALA Records
ВВ Xvyli Amura 4-page 90 Gala
ВВ Fayno 12-page 90 Lavina
ВИСОКОСНЫЙ ГОД Который возвращается 4-page 30
ВИТАЛИЙ КОЗЛОВСКИЙ Холодная ночь 4-page 30 Lavina
ВІКТОР ПАВЛІК Найкраще 6-page 90 Lavina Music
ВОЯЖ-6 В.Павлік,С.Гіга,А.Заліско 2-page 20 6 секунд
ГАВАЙСЬКІ ГІТАРИ Якщо є життя на тому світі бп 30 Росток
ГАРИК СУКАЧЕВ И Бригада С 4-page 30
ГАРИК СУКАЧЕВ Русский Рок 4-page 30
ГАРИК СУКАЧЕВ 44 4-page 20 JRC
ГАРИК СУКАЧЕВ Кризис среднего возраста 4-page 20
ГОСТИ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО Best 4-page 20 Одиссей
ГОСТИ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО Ева 4-page 20 Одиссей
ГОСТИ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО Это сильнее меня. Часть 2 Романтический альбом 4-page 20
ГОСТИ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО Любовное настроение 4-page 20
ДДТ Рожденный в СССР 4-page 20
ДДТ Пластун 4-page 20
ДДТ Не стреляй! DJ-pack 60
ДИМА БИЛАН Believe 2009 4-page 10
ДИСКОТЕКА АВАРИЯ Империя Звезд 4-page 10
ИГОРЬ КОРНЕЛЮК,А.МАРШАЛ И ДР Бандитский Петербург 4-page 5
КРЭММИ 1995-1996 4-page 10
ЛАМА Мені так треба 4-page 40
ЛАМА Мені так треба бп 10
ЛЕНИНГРАД Пуля+Диск 2 4-page 40
ЛИНДА Золотая коллекция 4-page 20
ЛИНДА Плацента 4-page 30
ЛЮБЭ Золотая Серия 4-page 10
МАКС ФАДЕЕВ Ножницы 4-page 20
МАРІЯ БУРМАКА Не забувається любов DJ-pack 90 Promo
МАША И МЕДВЕДИ Звездная Серия 4-page 15
МЕРІ Війни в прямому ефірі Sealed, box 90 Moon
НАТАЛІЯ МОГИЛЕВСЬКА Відправила Message boх,12-p.book 90 Moon
НЕДІЛЯ Неділя 4-page 60
НЕПАРА Обреченные-обрученные 4-page 20
НОВИЙ ЧАС Лелеки 4-page 60 Атлантік
НОЛЬ+ФЕДОР ЧИСТЯКОВ Mp3 collection 2-page 20
ОКЕАН ЕЛЬЗИ Модель 4-page 90 Real Music
ОЛЕГ СКРИПКА Дух не вмирає,Дух не згаса… 4-page 40
ОЛЬГА БОГОМОЛЕЦЬ Kairos 4-page 30
ОРКЕСТР ЗОЛОТОГО СВЕТА Мусоргский 4-page 30
ОТ VINTA Дригтиндимба 6-page дог Астра
ПІККАРДІЙСЬКА ТЕРЦІЯ З неба до землі 6-page 60 Росток
РОСАВА Просто неба 4-page 90 Lavina Music
РУСЛАНА Wild Energy 8-page 60
РУСЛАНА Амазонка 20-page 60
РУСЛАНА Wild Dances DG-pack,12-p book 70 Comp Music
РУСЛАНА Дикі танці 14-page 60 Комп-Мюзик
СВОБОДУ НЕ СПИНИТИ-3 Мандри,Руслана,De Shifer 2-page 10
СЕКРЕТ Золотая Коллекция 4-page 20
СКРЯБІН Про любов 12-page+box 75
СОФИЯ РОТАРУ Я не оглянусь 2-page 20
СПЛИН Grand Collection 4-page 20
СПЛИН Альтависта sealed 40 Moon
ТOTAL Total-1 (вкл. Бьет по глазам, Уходим на закат) 4-page 20
ТАНЦЫ МИНУС Best 4-page 30
ТАТU Люди инвалиды 12-page 50 Ukrainian records
УКРАЇНА (9 ЧАСТИНА) ЗБІРНИК С.Весна,Гуцул-Хуліган,С.Бема,О.Білозір Sealed 20 6 секунд
ФАКТИЧНО САМІ Болєзні пєвчіх птіц 8-page 60 Росток
ЦЕНТР Легенды русского рока 4-page 30
ЧЕРЕНЫЙ ОБЕЛИСК 20 и еще один день 4-page 30
ЧИЖ И РАЗНЫЕ ЛЮДИ Буги Харьков 4-page 30
ЮРИЙ ЛОЗА (ПРИМУС) Путешествие в рок-н-ролл 4-page 30
ЮРИЙ МОРОЗОВ Хиты с катушек - mp3 collection 2-page 20
ЮРІЙ ГНАТКОВСКІ & ЮЛІЯ ЛОРД Сніжність 6-page 90
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Jazz, Funk & Soul

AL GREEN The Reverend Al Green Everything's Ok 4-page 30
AL JARREAU All I Got 8-page 40
AL JARREAU L Is For Lover 4-page 30
ASTOR PIAZZOLA Rizol's Quartet 4-page 30
BABARA LAHR Undo Undo 4-page 30
BARRY WHITE The Ultimate Collection 4-page 30
BARRY WHITE Greatest Hits 4-page 20
BILL FRISELL Silent Comedy 4-page 30
CALLHOUN CD+DVD Native Lands 6-page 120
CHICK COREA+STEVE GADD BAND 2CD Chinese Buttrfly 2017 8-page 120
CHRIS REA Hofner Blue Notes 4-page 65
DE PHAZZ Days Of Twang 4-page 40
DE PHAZZ Natural Fake 16-page 40
DE PHAZZ Daily Lama 4-page 30
DENI HINES&JAMES MORRISON The Other Woman 4-page 30
DIANE SCHUUR Live In London 4-page 30
DIANE SCHUUR Schuur Fire 4-page 30
DIANE SCHUUR Some Other Time 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Head To The Sky 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Spirit 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Illumination 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE 2 in 1 Raise+Powerlight 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Faces 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE 2 in 1 All'nAll+I Am 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE Last Days And Time 4-page 30
EARTH,WIND & FIRE The promise 4-page 30
ERIK TRUFFAZ The Walk Of The Giant Turtle 4-page 30
FRANC MCCOMB The Truth Vol. 2 4-page 20
FRANK GAMBALE SOULMINE Salve (2019) 6-page 50
GEORGE DUKE Duke Treats 8-page 40
INCOGNITO Eleven 4-page 30
INCOGNITO Tales From The Beach 4-page 30
JACK DE JOHNETTE Parallel Realities 4-page 55
JOEY DEFRANCESCO Live:The Authorized Bootleg 4-page 30
JOHN COLTRANE More Coltrane For Lovers 8-page 30
MATT BIANCO Matt's Mood 4-page 30
MAYSA Maysa 4-page 30
NORA JONES Not Too Late 10-page 55
NORA JONES Come Away With Me 4-page 55
NORA JONES …Featuring 8-page 55
PACO DE LUCIA Cositas Buanas бп 10
PAT METHENY GROUP Imaginary Day 4-page 55
PHIL PERRY Magic 4-page 30
RAY CHARLES Genius & Friends 4-page 40
REGINA CARTER I'll Be Seeing You 4-page 30
RIPPINGTONS, THE Open Road (2019) 4-page 50
SILJE NERGAARD Chain Of Days 4-page 30
SIMON PHILLIPS Protocol 4 4-page 65
SOPHIE MILMAN Sophie Milman 4-page 30
SPECIAL EFX (CHIELI MINUCCI) Deep As The Night 4-page 65
STACEY KENT I Know A Dream 8-page 65
STAN KENTON At Ukiah 4-page 40
SUPER TRIO(COREA-GADD-MCBRIDE) Live At The One World Theatre, April 3rd,2005 6-page 40
TEMPTATION, THE A Song For You Masterpiece 4-page 30
TEMPTATION, THE Back To Front 4-page 30
TRILLINGTON Trillington 8-page 65
VALERIE JOYCE Newyorkblue 4-page 30
WYNTON MARSALIS From The Plantation To The Penitentiary 4-page 30
YELLOWJACKETS Cohearence 6-page 60
YELLOWJACKETS Raising Our Voice (2018 ) 4-page 60
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RE: продам CD / 15-06-2016 21:20
А.БРУКНЕР Симфония №1 бп 10
BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN 2 CD Piano sonaten № 12, 16, 17, 20-25 (Artur Schnabel, piano) 4-page 120 AQUARIUS
BERUHMTE SONATEN (BEETHOVEN LUDWIG VAN) 2 CD 2 CD Piano sonaten “Apassionata”; “Der Sturm”; “Les Adieux” “Moonlight Sonata”; “Pathetique”; “Waldstein-Sonate” (Dubravka Tomsic, piano) 2-page,golen disc 150 FORUM Czech
BERLIOZ HECTOR Requiem, op. 5 (Vinson Cole, tenor; Tanglewood Festival Chorus; Boston Symphony Orchestra; cond Seiji Ozawa) 4-page 60 ELITE CLASSICS
DEBUSSY CLAUDE 2 CD Preludes 1 Livre,Children’s Corner,Preludes 2 Livre, Images I-II (Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, piano) 4-page 120 ELITE CLASSICS
MOZART WOLFGANG AMADEUS 2 CD Concerto for Piano&Orc. № 21 (Elvira Madigan); № 23(KV 482) № 24 (KV 488, 491); 8 (KV 467, 246) (Berliner Philarmoniker, Wilhelm Kempff - piano; cond - Bernard Klee) 4-page 120 ELITE CLASSICS
VERA DULOVA Mozart-Prokofiev-Golubev-Mosolov-Kikta бп 10
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Requiem KV 626 4-page 20
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RE: продам CD / 18-06-2016 20:01
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RE: продам CD / 23-06-2016 19:45
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RE: продам CD / 25-06-2016 21:52
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RE: продам CD / 29-06-2016 18:01
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RE: продам CD / 02-07-2016 17:40
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RE: продам CD / 06-07-2016 20:02
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RE: продам CD / 09-07-2016 19:38
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